Laird Connectivity is now Ezurio

Same Experts. New Name.

For decades, Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices have provided industry-renowned expertise in wireless product design and embedded processor development. We’ve an innovative team of global developers for all aspects of product development, and manufacturing incorporating software, hardware, test and certifications expertise. We are a dedicated connectivity partner with a proven track record that we are proud to stand behind.

Today we establish a new chapter building on that foundation as Ezurio with a nod to our industry heritage and a look forward to our future. We'll continue forward with our current portfolios of products and services today as well as our developing roadmap, and we'll never stop working to help you unlock your business' potential with the solutions of the future.

Our Message to You

Our mission is simple: to be your connectivity expert. A partner, not just a provider. A team who's seen the road ahead and knows every pitfall on your road to success. Trust us to leverage our decades of experience in product design, development, manufacturing, test, and support in order to bring your designs to life and speed your time to market.


Connectivity & Processing

Connectivity is in our DNA -- in our wide range of solutions such as wireless modules, system-on modules, computer-on-modules, customised single board computers, IoT devices and internal antennas. Combining these capabilities together and integrating their individual benefits into a value added solution for your needs is our focus.


Trusted Global Integration Partner

Accelerate your time to market and optimize your products by partnering with us to bring your design to life. We're not only hardware experts -- we also have decades of experience of supporting multi-OS software and navigating regulatory approvals around the world.


Decades of Experience

Our name is new, but our focus remains deeply rooted in our understanding of your unique challenges and aspirations. Our people have been designing and developing solutions for medical, industrial and commercial markets for decades and embed that knowledge and expertise into innovative solutions for your next design.


Award Winning Support

We pride ourselves in providing excellent service and support. We believe it's what sets us apart from our peers, and our quality of service will remain our core focus and commitment to you. There's a real person on the other end at Ezurio, and that person is dedicated to your success.


Your Questions

Why was the name changed from Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices to Ezurio?

The name change reflects our evolving business and vision for the future. While our name has changed, our commitment to providing high-quality connectivity solutions remains the same.

What has changed with Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices?

Only the brand name has changed. Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices are now collectively known as Ezurio. There have been no changes in ownership, company structure, or services provided.

Does the rebranding to Ezurio affect the products and services offered?

No, the rebranding does not affect our products and services. We continue to offer the same range of wireless modules, system-on-modules (SOMs), computer-on-modules (COMs), internal antennas, IoT devices, design and test services under the new Ezurio brand.

Will the rebranding to Ezurio affect existing contracts, agreements, or partnerships?

No, all existing contracts, agreements, and partnerships remain active. The rebranding to Ezurio does not alter any legal or business relationships previously established under Laird Connectivity or Boundary Devices.

How will the rebranding impact current customers of Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices?

You will not experience any disruption in service or product delivery. You will see the new Ezurio branding immediately on the web pages, communications and new products. Documentation and products will be updated over time and in line with current procedures and processes.

Are there any changes to the support or contact information for Ezurio?

Our support team remain the same. Email addresses will change to over time. All email sent to or and address will be received. Please continue to reach out to us through the existing channels for any questions, support, or service needs.

Can I still place orders and pay invoices to Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices accounts and banks?

Yes, you can continue to place orders, pay invoices to both Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices. Speak with your local contact to agree the appropriate time to change the name on accounts.

Are quotes previously provided by Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices still valid?

Yes, all existing quotes provided by Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices are still valid under Ezurio.

Will there be any changes to the warranties of products previously purchased under the Laird Connectivity or Boundary Devices brands?

No, all existing warranties will be honored under the new Ezurio brand. Our product quality and customer service commitments remain unchanged.

Where can I find more information about the rebranding to Ezurio?

For more information about the rebranding and what it means for you, please visit our new website at or contact our customer service team directly. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the transition to Ezurio.

Is there any change to the distribution network for Ezurio?

No, all distributors for Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices are the same for Ezurio.

Are there any changes to the warehouse or office locations under Ezurio?

No, all offices, manufacturing facilities, and warehouse locations currently listed for Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices remain the same.

Will existing test reports need to be reissued, or does end product labelling need to change for FCC, ISED, or CE?

All current test reports are still valid, and no new reports will be issued for existing products. End product labelling does not need to change for FCC, ISED, or CE compliance. If you have a detailed certification question, please visit us at