Harness the power of system on modules for embedded systems and IoT solutions 

Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) system-on-module solutions are designed to offer unparalleled performance, flexibility, scalability and ease of integration with optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Built on the latest processors and wireless, and utilizing our long-term software support, our SOM and SMARC solutions give developers a secure, smart, connected IoT platform for deployment in the most demanding applications.   

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  • Secure enclave
  • Secure and encrypted boot 
  • FIPS 140-2 and 140-3 Level 1 Validations 
  • Long Term Linux Support with CVE remediation 


  • Powerful heterogenous multiprocessing
  • Dedicated machine learning
  • Dedicated graphics, video, and audio hardware
  • Diversity of hardware interfaces
  • Power efficient
  • Virtualization
  • Advanced development kits


  • Long term hardware availability
  • Hardware connectivity roadmap
  • Comprehensive software support
  • Device management support
  • Full product lifecycle management

SOM Portfolio

Our family of embedded SOMs are built to accelerate your product development cycles. Choose from a range of rugged and compact solder down hardware offerings and software configurations to best suit your application needs. Our SMARC SOM modules provide a trusted path for long design cycles such as those found in industrial and medical devices. As new use cases and wireless standards emerge, Ezurio will provide new and upgraded SMARC SOM products that give OEMs the easiest way to keep their legacy products up to date.  

Based on decades of embedded device and wireless connectivity expertise, our SOMs are well supported with advanced development kits, documentation, software, firmware and dedicated FAE support teams, all readily available to help speed development.   

Offers a comprehensive software solution through your product's lifecycle:

  • Long term support Summit Yocto or Buildroot Linux with CVE remediation
  • Summit Linux FIPS Core Crypto
  • Device Management
  • i.MX 8 Series
    i.MX 8 Series

    This system-on-module (SOM) series, based on NXP Semiconductor’s i.MX 8, is ideal for advanced graphics, imaging, machine learning, machine vision, audio, voice, and video applications.


  • i.MX 9 Series
    i.MX 9 Series

    This system-on-module (SOM) series, based on NXP Semiconductor’s i.MX 9, is ideal for advanced graphics, imaging, machine learning, machine vision, audio, voice, and video applications.



    Our Open Standard Module (OSM) system-on-modules pack multi-core MPU and MCU processing, camera and video support, AI accelerators, and a wide array of interfaces.


  • i.MX 6 Series
    i.MX 6 Series

    This family of system-on-modules (SOMs) is based on NXP Semiconductor’s i.MX 6 applications processor.


  • MediaTek Genio
    MediaTek Genio

    This system-on-module (SOM) series, based on MediaTek Genio, is ideal for advanced graphics, imaging, machine learning, machine vision, audio, voice, and video applications.


  • Microchip SAMA5
    Microchip SAMA5

    The system-on-module (SOM) based on Microchip processor.


  • SBC (Single Board Computers)
    SBC (Single Board Computers)

    Family of single board computers by Boundary Devices


  • Accessories

    Accessories for Boundary Device SOMs


  • Displays

    Displays for Boundary Device SOMs


Custom Solutions

Reduce design risk and accelerate your time to market with Ezurio's custom Single Board Computers (SBC). We offer: 

  • A hand-in-hand partnership approach.
  • Design your board your way.
  • Lower production costs by choosing your required components.
  • Industry leading hardware and software.

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Manage every part of the security lifecycle.
Find the options you need in the Summit Suite range.

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Ezurio is an NXP Gold Partner

Ezurio is honored to be approved as an NXP Gold Partner. We look forward to working with the NXP team to deliver the solutions our customers need in an ever changing processor and wireless future.

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What Makes Us Different?

On-Site EMC and Antenna Testing

The only module and antenna manufacturer that offers our own on-site EMC testing approvals, which drastically reduces your risk and time to market. Let our onsite EMC Test engineers help you navigate the EMC certification process.

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IoT Solutions

Whether you need a product tailored, customized or are looking for complete product development services, we use in-house expertise and strategic partnerships to bring your product to market faster with the results you want. 

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Antenna Options

We offer a broad portfolio of cost-effective embedded antenna solutions that provide unmatched connectivity for your wireless devices. Let us help you find the right antenna pre-certified with our extensive module selection.

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Endless Applications

  • Industrial


  • Security Systems

    Security Systems

  • Building Automation

    Building Automation

  • Medical Devices

    Medical Devices

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