• SOM Line Card

    SOM Line Card

    Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) and Boundary Devices’ embedded system-on-module (SOM) development platforms deliver highly scalable embedded processing solutions with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and...

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  • LoRaWAN Line Card

    LoRaWAN Line Card

    Our growing LoRaWAN ecosystem leverages years of RF expertise to enable secure, low-power, long-range IoT sensor and gateway deployment easily using LoRaWAN technology.

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  • Internal Antenna Selector Tool

    Internal Antenna Selector Tool

    Ezurio offers the most innovative portfolio of cost-effective internal antenna solutions that provide unmatched connectivity for your wireless IoT devices. Whether for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth or...

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  • Bluetooth LE Line Card

    Bluetooth LE Line Card

    Implementing a Bluetooth solution for your product has never been this easy. Our Bluetooth module portfolio is designed to provide robust performance, easy global certification and simple...

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  • Ezurio Wi-Fi Overview

    Ezurio Wi-Fi Overview

    Ezurio offers certified Wi-Fi modules that enable secure and reliable wireless connectivity, even in the harshest environments. Our modules are ideal for robust, business-critical connectivity in...

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  • Ezurio IoT Devices

    Ezurio IoT Devices

    Ezurio's growing Sentrius™ LPWAN family of long-range EIoT solutions leverages Laird’s years of RF expertise to enable secure, low-power, long-range EIoT deployment with ease. This array of...

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  • Ezurio RAMP Overview

    Ezurio RAMP Overview

    Range Amplified MultiPoint (RAMPTM) modules provide the perfect solution for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications where the need is to transmit serial data or sensor data over long distances,...

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  • BT610 - Infographic

    BT610 - Infographic

    Ezurio's Sentrius™ BT610 I/O Sensor with Bluetooth 5 turns your wired sensors into IP67-rated battery-operated wireless nodes, providing robust and secure messaging. Leveraging our BL654 module,...

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