Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial sectors are undergoing a massive digital transformation, sparked by a convergence of new technologies. Low-power wide area wireless technologies are dropping costs of adding intelligence and sensing equipment. Always-on, high-performance technologies collect, organize, and turn data into actionable insights. As wireless IoT experts, Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) understands the technology, practical requirements and constraints to successfully deploy IoT technology.

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Our comprehensive range of embedded products, from rugged high-performance system-on-modules to touchscreen displays, are designed to meet the stringent demands of defense and aerospace applications. Emphasizing hardened security and SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) optimization, Ezurio is at the forefront to meet the rigorous quality, production, and compliance regulations of our customers.

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Connected Devices for Healthcare

Healthcare providers around the globe know it is imperative that patient health information is accurate, accessible and captured in near real-time. The market continues to demand smart devices with interoperability to healthcare systems and provide secure connectivity to medical equipment for patient monitoring, infusion, portable, surgical, and more.

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Connected Solutions for Gaming

Players want to be immersed in a world where the gaming exctiement never stops. Ezurio offers cutting-edge solutions tailored for uninterrupted, high-resolution, and secure gameplay for both gaming machines and mobile devices. Our diverse portfolio of system-on-modules along with our unrivaled design support enables real-time, reliable communication for a flawless gaming experience. Learn how Ezurio can increase gamer satisfaction, enhance operational efficiency, and drive success to new heights.

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Cold Chain Monitoring

Everyone wants faster, smarter solutions that make their businesses thrive, but it takes time, money, and expertise to execute. As wireless IoT experts, we understand the technology, practical requirements, and constraints that come with deploying IoT network solutions. So, we offer wireless products, platforms, and services to help companies collect, organize, and turn cold chain data into actionable IoT insights.

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WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E

WiFi 6 (previously 802.11ax) is the next step in the evolution of WiFi. This standard focuses on network efficiency rather than peak speed. WiFi 6, and its soon-to-arrive counterpart 6E, is all about working smarter and more efficiently to enhance WiFi performance. This latest specification provides higher capacity and better coverage, and it reduces congestion for a better user experience.

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Commercial IoT

Consumers demand more from devices than ever, including interconnectivity, continuous technological advancement, higher speeds, and more bandwidth. Ezurio is an industry leader in providing advanced technologies for IoT designs. We are built on great products, services, and outstanding support, giving our customers the tools they need to accelerate their designs. Leverage our broad range of product offerings, technical and design expertise, and industry-renowned support – all aimed at helping you get to market faster.

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