Advancing Wireless IoT

Consumers demand more from devices than ever, including interconnectivity, continuous technological advancement, higher speeds, and more bandwidth. Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) is an industry leader in providing advanced technologies for IoT designs. We are built on great products, services, and outstanding support, giving our customers the tools they need to accelerate their designs. Leverage our broad range of product offerings, technical and design expertise, and industry-renowned support – all aimed at helping you get to market faster.

Application Areas

Consumers want IoT products that fit seamlessly into their daily lives and simplify routine tasks. Finding keys, locking the front door, turning lights on and off, these tasks can be controlled with wireless technologies. Our technical team of experts are here to help you bring your consumer IoT designs to life. We have the experience and tools to support you in any stage of your design process and in applications like:

  • Connected Home
  • Wearables
  • Connected Workplace
  • Entertainment

Our Technologies

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Broadest Portfolio of Wireless Solutions

Ezurio's broad portfolio gives you options and the flexibility to design – your way. Spanning multiple technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, LoRaWAN, 802.15.4, embedded antennas and more, there is a solution to meet your needs. 


Wireless Expertise

The IoT is transforming nearly everything these days, and each application has different design challenges. With decades of experience under our belt, we have the expertise to get help you bring your designs to the IoT. 


Faster Time to Market

Whether you need product customization, IoT development or product development services, we use in-house expertise and strategic partnerships to bring your product to market faster with the results you want.


One Stop Shop for IoT

From design and testing to manufacturing, choosing Ezurio means simplifying your process. We are one partner, with everything you need to get a great design to market.  


What Customers Are Saying

“Ezurio is a well-known provider of high quality modules and industry-leading design support. In our case, time to market was essential, so we needed something that was pre-certified and works out of the box. Ezurio provided excellent support to our engineers so that we could develop the product in record time. We were able to develop a product with excellent Bluetooth communication range, certifications and software drivers all completed in just a few short weeks. We would not have been able to launch this product at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show without the certified module solutions and close support from Ezurio's team of wireless experts."

Oyvind Birkenes


Featured Solutions


Based on Nordic nRF52810 silicon, providing cost effective Bluetooth 5 enablement for simple BLE applications


BL651 453-00006 extant.jpg


Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.2 combo module with multiple configurations and antenna options for design flexibility.



Mini NanoBlade Flex

Embedded wireless device antennas that feature wide bandwidth to enhance the performance and application of portable wireless devices based on standards such as 802.11 and Bluetooth.




Temperature and humidity sensor that enables battery-powered, local and wide-area sensor applications using LoRaWAN and Bluetooth 4.2.


RS1xx-v3 noshadow-resize.png