LoRaWAN® Modules

Our growing LoRaWAN ecosystem leverages years of RF expertise to enable secure, low-power, long-range IoT sensor and gateway deployment easily using LoRaWAN technology. The LoRaWAN protocol targets key IoT requirements such as bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility, and localization services. Our portfolio of LoRaWAN solutions delivers high performance with unparalleled design flexibility.

RM126x Module

The upcoming RM126x series of modules (RM1261 and RM1262) is based on Silicon Labs EFR32 MCU and the Semtech SX126x radio. They provide a low power, long range solution for you to easily develop your LoRaWAN implementation. The RM126x series supports LoRaWAN classes A, B and C for secure, scalable, and bi-directional communication and leverages the advantages of Silicon Labs hardware, software, and tools. The Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) RM126x module also includes a TCXO and a DC-DC converter and supports LoRa Point to Point (LoRa P2P) capability which enables you to create your own proprietary wireless network between two RM126x modules.

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RM1xx Module

Note: End of Life (EOL).
The Sentrius™ RM1xx series of modules offer a powerful, convenient solution for long-range Enterprise IoT (EIoT) deployments. Ezurio innovatively combines Bluetooth® v4.1 with LoRaWAN™, the emerging standard in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) into one module. RM1xx modules aggregate and transmit data from Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) devices and sensors over LoRaWAN to gateways as far as 15 km (~10 miles) away. This bridges the personal area network to the wide area network in a unique way. The Sentrius RM1xx will be LoRa® Alliance certified and fully interoperable with any LoRaWAN™-adherent gateway.

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Other LoRaWAN Solutions

Our portfolio of LoRaWAN sensors and gateways delivers high performance with unparalleled design flexibility. These innovative solutions enable simple out-of-the-box integration and provide everything needed to create a complete end-to-end IoT network. Wirelessly connect battery operated wireless devices to the internet in regional, national, or global networks.

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