Custom SBC Solutions

Unlock infinite possibilities, one custom SBC at a time. 

Accelerate your path to production with custom single board computers (SBC). Custom SBCs not only offer scalability for future upgrades, but also significantly reduce time-to-market, providing a competitive edge in rapidly evolving markets. By leveraging a system-on-module (SOM) and a carrier board, whether it’s our design or yours, the platform can be customized to meet the specific needs of your application. Choose the right processor, memory, and I/O options to perfectly align with the performance and functionality demands of your project. From the initial concept to the final product, we partner closely with you every step of the way.


Ready to bring your vision to life?

When considering a custom SBC, a variety of hardware options will be necessary. Leveraging our design expertise can reduce your risks and accelerate your product’s time to market. Our “Build An SBC Your Way” feature allows you to initiate your project with the desired hardware, while our engineering team is ready to assist in tailoring your custom SBC that precisely meets your specific requirements.

Build Your SBC

6 Benefits of Customizing Your SBC 

The versatility and portability of single board computers (SBC) contribute significantly to their effectiveness in meeting the demands of various embedded applications such as industrial automation, automotive control systems, medical devices, and IoT deployments. These compact computing devices enable engineers to rapidly prototype and deploy embedded solutions, fostering innovation in various industries. 

  • Tailored Performance 
  • Cost Optimization 
  • Form Factor and Size 
  • Power Efficiency 
  • Integration of Specialized Hardware 
  • Enhanced Security 

Why Ezurio?

A Partnership Approach

  • We don’t just check boxes, we partner with customers from start to finish
  • Since we manufacture the boards, our success is tied to our customers’ success 

Lowest Production Costs

  • We design every aspect of the board, so the customer only pays for the components they need, nothing more
  • Because we produce thousands of boards a year, we can manufacture boards at the lowest possible costs 

Design Your Board Your Way

  • We design to meet the customers’ exact size/performance requirements
  • You provide input every step of the way, because no one knows what the board needs to do better than you 

Premium Support and Services

  • We provide industry leading software and hardware support from design to board end-of-life 
  • FAE and technical support staff based in US, Europe and Asia for rapid integration support 

White Paper: Choosing the Right Hardware: A Guide for Choosing the Right SOM, SBC, or Custom Hardware

SOMs, SBCs and custom hardware solutions like those built by Laird Connectivity provide engineers with a pre-designed, pre-certified solution that eliminates a significant amount of design work while also delivering features that would be complex to achieve with in-house engineering resources, including enhanced security, rich multimedia, enhanced connectivity, machine learning and more. The result is often a 9-12 month acceleration of development timelines for IoT projects as well as significant cost savings. 

 Read our white paper to learn more.  


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