Wi-Fi Modules + Bluetooth 

Ideal for Robust, Business-Critical Connectivity

Our comprehensive portfolio of Wi-Fi modules with Bluetooth allows you to select the feature set and connectivity that best meets your products’ needs. With a long history of producing enterprise-grade radios, our customers come back time and again for the highest quality Wi-Fi Modules with Bluetooth available on the market today.

Premium WiFi Advantage

Wi-Fi Module + Bluetooth Solutions

Ezurio offers certified Wi-Fi modules that enable secure and reliable wireless connectivity, even in the harshest environments. Our modules are ideal for robust, business-critical connectivity in medical, industrial, and commercial settings where excellent RF performance, lower power consumption, simplified application development, and fast time to market are a must.

Premium WiFi Advantage

The road to bringing wireless to your product is perilous and long – but it doesn’t have to be. We're the experts, having brought countless wireless products down that road, some in the field for more than a decade. We’re there for you from day one, with meticulously engineered hardware and software that delivers much more than our competitors’ offerings. And we don’t stop there – we provide continuous development, testing, documentation, services like scans and reviews, and everything that teams large and small need to succeed with wireless. These are the pillars of our value as a partner and provider: Excellence in development across hardware and software, delivered with industry-best support and deployed around the world in the markets that drive your business success.

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  • Developed by global hardware engineering, and QA test teams with decades of experience
  • Designed for the environments and challenges our customers face
  • Comprehensive documentation: Datasheets, integration guides, reference designs, etc.


  • Unified, simple software for all radios in the Laird Backports package
  • Full Linux Wi-Fi stack, including the device driver, supplicant and network manager, QA tested to dramatically reduce time and risk in your Wi-Fi integration
  • Bi-annual releases are extensively QA tested for compatibility, performance and stability


  • Full support for integration throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Assigned and dedicated technical support from our global FAE team with expedited response times
  • Free design reviews, extensive documentation, and 3D RF scans


  • Pre-certified modules to guarantee compliance in the major global markets
  • Certification reports, certificates and Regulatory Information Guide for each product
  • On-site EMC test facility and support, allowing additional global certification for your product

Secure and Reliable Connectivity. Even in the Harshest Environments.

Our certified Wi-Fi modules comprise hardware, software, certifications, and support services to help bring your designs to market with comprehensive end-to-end security and reliable wireless connectivity. Our modules are ideal for robust, business-critical connectivity in medical, industrial, and commercial settings where excellent RF performance, lower power consumption, simplified application development, and fast time to market are a must. We offer Wi-Fi solutions with enterprise-grade security, so you can ensure your host system is protected from probes and attacks on the network or the internet at large.



802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO delivers new capabilities that enable networks to meet the growing demands of consumers and wireless devices. Integrating our modules that support Wave 2 MU-MIMO into your design can improve overall network efficiency up to 4x. MU-MIMO attempts to mitigate the influx of connected devices by servicing four clients at a time on the downlink connection. This improvement to network efficiency is ideal for dense deployments and crowded environments like stadiums, airports, factories, and hospitals.



  • Medical


  • Industrial


  • IoT Sensors

    IoT Sensors

  • Consumer


  • Handheld Mobility

    Handheld Mobility

What Makes Us Different?

On-Site EMC and Antenna Testing

The only module and antenna manufacturer that offers our own on-site EMC testing approvals, which drastically reduces your risk and time to market. Let our onsite EMC Test engineers help you navigate the EMC certification process.

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IoT Solutions

Whether you need a product tailored, customized or are looking for complete product development services, we use in-house expertise and strategic partnerships to bring your product to market faster with the results you want. 

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Antenna Options

We offer a broad portfolio of cost-effective embedded antenna solutions that provide unmatched connectivity for your wireless devices. Let us help you find the right antenna pre-certified with our extensive module selection.

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