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Being wireless experts is a full-time job – and we’ve seen it all. Under our roof are more than three decades of experience that address every single step of hardware and software development, with capabilities and support our competitors can’t touch. We’re a collection of experienced hardware designers, full EMC and regulatory technicians, customer-first software designers, and a global support organization ready to get into the weeds to get your product to market.


Real People Offering Real Support


There are different ways to provide technical support to you as a customer. Each provides advantages and disadvantages in the overall experience as a customer. Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) is the only premium Wi-Fi module supplier that provides a person-to-person support experience to provide the highest level of ownership and responsibility when addressing your support needs. The following highlights the differences in the approach to support used by module vendors:

Item Face-to-Face (Laird Connectivity) Community Forum Hybrid Community Forum Private Issue Tracking
Assigned direct contact x
Email interaction x Limited Limited
Virtual meetings/calls x
Phone interaction x
On-site assistance x
On-site Training x
Community interaction x x
Local technical support x Limited Limited
Access to engineering x
Support staff are practicing engineers x
Issue tracking system x x x
Individual accountability x

Person to Person

This is where you, as a customer, have a direct contact to use as your source for information and issue resolution. In this approach there are multiple direct methods of contact with traceability and accountability in the timing and quality of response.


With this approach there is a higher burden upon the supplier to provide a qualified, technical support staff that can interact at the highest possible level. This approach does not rely upon your issue being a known issue for a fast response. With this approach the interaction is not only tailored to you but also to your specific enquiry or issue, providing a focused path to satisfying your needs.

Community Forum

With this approach any interaction with technical question goes through a web-based forum. Registration to the forum is not usually curated allowing general access. Once registered, the forum will offer access to previously answered questions (if the issue was resolved through the public forum) and then a mechanism that allows you to request information or feedback on an issue via a web-based form. This allows not only direct staff of the supplier but other members of the forum to see your request and potentially respond.


This approach allows the supplier to defer resources from directly addressing customer needs and hide the technical capabilities of the support staff behind the anonymity the web form provides. It is however scalable and allows for larger numbers of queries to be logged and even provides an opportunity to get other, non-supplier resources to assist. You do however loose both traceability and accountability in the process, given you do not know who or when someone has even reviewed your request.

As a side band feature there is often the ability to create a private forum to answer technically challenging or sensitive issues. Where either you or the supplier want to protect the sensitive information from public view. In this case you lose the ability to access the public data and community for resolution. Given that these types of issues are usually the more critical ones, it implies that they are lost to the forum community for suture resolution. You must rely upon a web-based interaction that has the shortcoming identified earlier.

Hybrid Community Forum

This is very similar to the Community forum approach, relying upon web-based anonymous interaction for issue resolution. It does however replace the private forum with an issue tracking system, not a substantial difference in that both systems rely upon web based interactions for resolution. The tracking system however does create a method of establishing accountability through direct question and response.

Software-and-Support-Diagrams_Hybrid Forum.png

This process has the same advantages as the pure Community Forum approach, it also has the same disadvantages.

Private Issue Tracking System

With this process it is required that the customer must request and then get approval, from the supplier, before secure credentials are provided for access to an issue tracking system. There is no public access to the kind of approach, making access to information and issue resolution restrictive at best and unavailable for most.

Software-and-Support-Diagrams_Issue Tracking System.png

This approach provides targeted support capabilities to only those customers the supplier deems are valuable enough. You lose the advantages of both the face-to-face and community forum approach but do, as a supplier, make sure you can adjust access to match your ability to handle support requests. Even if access is given the data is usually gated via specific request, making interactions slow and challenging.

Ezurio Support - Direct from the Experts

We believe that the only way to truly understand your issues and get to the best solution is through direct contact with practicing engineers and technical support staff. We do not hide behind the anonymity of a community portal or faceless issue reporting system. You interact directly, through traditional channels, with our dedicated, highly experienced technical support staff. They will walk through your challenges with you and provide guidance towards a resolution in a way a community forum cannot do.

When you need to talk to us about accessing technical information, providing clarification on provided data, assistance with integration and resolution of issues there will be your assigned support person to make sure you are not left wondering what to do next.

Global Tier II Support and FAE Teams


Global Tier II support and FAE teams are ready to help, with as much as decades of hands-on experience. With support teams working under the same roof with hardware and software engineering teams, our support organization are the experts with direct access to our core development and engineering resources.   

Depth of experience within FAE team:

  • Members of the team have over ten years of direct software and hardware experience
  • Specialists within the FAE team provide high level support without needing engineering involvement - speeding up resolution of issues
  • Ezurio has been a premium supplier of Wi-Fi modules for decades
  • Support Services

Proximity of support:

  • Engaged directly with customers - customers have a name to reach out to and interact with
  • Team often travels and visits customers at their locations
  • Regional based support in NA, EU and Asia
  • Engineering centers of excellence in global locations providing close access to core development resources for software and hardware issue resolution


Access to Our Full Knowledge Base


Our support team is not only backed up by our engineering teams but they also have access to our full knowledge base: databook and integration guides for hardware, software, and Laird backports; full certification and regulatory documentation with test tools (no license); and our extensive library of FAQs. 

Strong collateral and training materials: 

  • Databook and integration guides for hardware  
  • Certification reports, certificates and Regulatory Information Guide for each product - simplifies regulatory process and  reduces time and risk in regulatory process
  • Integration guides for software and Ezurio Stack 
  • Regulatory test tools (no license) 
  • Regularly maintained FAQ 

Value Advantage Ezurio Competitor
Product Guide Product short form providing overview of critical product characteristics. x x
Datasheet Technical description of the product, including AC, DC, RF, mechanical, certification and environmental data. x x
Integration Guide Technical document provided focused technical details required for the hardware integration of the module into a system. x x
DVK User Manual User manual to assist in the setting up and operation of the products development board. x x
Reference Schematics Schematics representing the EVK design. x x
3D Models 3D models of the module configurations in STEP format. x
Antenna Plots 3D plots of the antenna performance. Needed for embedded antenna configurations. x x
White Papers Selection of papers relating to the products, its application and performance. x
PCN Process Product Change Notices that communicate product changes. x x
Help Videos Video that provide guidance on a range of subjects including operation of the EVK, technical overview of the product, demonstration of functional operation x
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Frequently asked questions and answers that function as a knowledgebase related to Wi-Fi products and their integration. x
DVK Videos Video that provide guidance on a range of subjects including operation of the EVK, demonstration of example operations x
Environmental Test Reports Test reports showing the environmental test details and results. x
Reliability Reports Test reports in which device/module reliability has been established. x
RoHS and WEEE Declaration Compliance declaration to indicate support for the RoHS, WEE and REACH. x x
Reference Designs CB Design files that include layout details for module and antenna integration. x x
Certification Reports and Grants Certification test data and grants for each of the certified countries. x x

Free Design Review


Not sure? Just ask! We provide free design reviews at the outset of your project to help make sure we get it right the first time. We also provide extensive documentation and support around the integration considerations that make for success, like module PCB placement and trace characteristics. 

Our support makes connectivity easy:

  • Free reviews of schematics, providing feedback on implementation and compliance to the reference design
  • Review and provide input on PCB placement and routing of the radio in the host platform
  • Perform RF emissions analysis and provide feedback on best placement of antenna
  • Provide 3D scan of RF transmissions
  • Provide regular cadence for software updates and provide application notes to ease integration to your own development environment

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