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With a global hardware engineering and test team that has decades of experience bringing products to market, we employ learned best design practices, verify and QA validate those designs at each stage of development, and RF test in-house to produce tremendously reliable, globally certified Wi-Fi module solutions. We design to the environments and challenges our customers face and with long-term availability in mind. We offer extensive documentation on all of our offerings, including regulatory documentation, guides, datasheets, targeted application notes, DVK drawings and schematics, 3D models, RF scans, and a global support team is also available to assist.


Global Hardware Engineering and Testing

Value Advantage Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) Competitor
Inhouse HW Design Capability x x
Global Engineering x
Wi-Fi Test Capability x x
Product Life Cycles >15 years <10 years
Specialize in Industrial Rugged Design x partial

Our deeply experienced teams work off of best practices developed by years of working together. We know what works and what doesn’t, which we leverage in our designs, as well as in reviewing your designs. Our designers and our RF test teams work from the outset of design clear through to final production and certification testing. 

Our Wi-Fi modules are purpose-built from the start to deliver reliable, high-performance connectivity suited for real problems our customers face in their applications. That means we have deep expertise in components and processes that yield industrial temperature range support, environmental resistance, and everything that makes our customers’ challenges unique. Our products are built for challenging industries like medical and are supported for life cycles of 15+ years. 


Designed for the Customer

Value Advantage Ezurio Competitor
RF Design Expertise We are the only IoT Solution provider that offers modules, antennas, IoT devices, design services, EMC testing, and manufacturing – all under one roof. By working with one single partner, you will accelerate your time to market, reduce risk, and significantly reduce costs. x partial
Optimized Design x  
Customization x  
Standards Based Options x  
Broad Mechanical Configurations x  

Ezurio Wi-Fi modules are provided with options for connectors, fittings, and form factors that our customers prefer. Standards-based connectors like M.2, antenna connectors like U.FL and MHF, and SOM edge connectors like SMARC help provide long-term compatibility with popular industry-based hardware.

When appropriate we will design based upon industry standard form factors, including M.2, SDIO and PCIe Cards. Our Sona Wi-Fi module product line embraces the latest M.2 surface mount and plug-in card form factors. Understanding the standards based form factors and pin out is important, and because there is flexibility in the pin connections, having a standard is critical. We understand that in embedded designs it is not a ‘one size fits all’ and as a result support a range of surface mount and plug-in options. The following are our pinout standards for the M.2 2230 plugin card and M.2 1216 SMT pinouts, these are compatible across all Ezurio modules:

Product M.2
9 x 9 mm
10 x 10 mm
12 x 12 mm
13 x 14 mm
12 x 17 mm
21 x 15 mm
60 Series

M.2 1216, M.2 1318, M.2 1219 and M.2 1420 are pin compatible.

We choose industry conventions that help guarantee availability for decades to come. New manufacturing options for system-on-modules (SOMs) in the US, as well as our expanded manufacturing footprint outside of mainland China, give OEMs many more options. Our supply chain diligence protects our product availability and fulfillment, and by extension, yours as well.

Global Certifications

Value Advantage Ezurio Competitor
Core Certified Countries FCC, ISED, MIC, CE, RCM, BT SIG FCC, ISED, CE
In-House Test Lab x  
Ability to Expend Supported Countries x partial
In-House Antenna Design and Product Line x
Regulatory Tracking We maintain certification for all supported countries, due to regulation updates or periodic resubmittal. x partial

We pre-certify our offerings in many of the world’s most popular regulatory regions, such as North America (including Canada), Europe, the UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and more. Our EMC compliance teams have the equipment and expertise to help you secure regulatory approvals anywhere in the world.

We also pre-certify antennas for our modules that take uncertainty and guesswork out of the complete RF pathway. Choosing a pre-certified antenna eliminates regulatory hurdles and ensures the reliable connection demanded by your applications. As regulatory rules and legislation around the world change and impose new demands on equipment manufacturers, our teams provide guidance, updated testing, and continuous compliance.

Our antennas are a perfect fit with our Wi-Fi modules and are included in the approved list of antennas for our precertified modules. We focus on embedded modules that provide targeted benefits for embedded applications.

Extensive Documentation

Value Advantage Ezurio Competitor
Product Guide Product short form providing overview of critical product characteristics. x x
Datasheet Technical description of the product, including AC, DC, RF, mechanical, certification and environmental data. x x
Integration Guide Technical document provided focused technical details required for the hardware integration of the module into a system. x x
DVK User Manual User manual to assist in the setting up and operation of the products development board. x x
Reference Schematics Schematics representing the EVK design. x x
3D Models 3D models of the module configurations in STEP format. x
Antenna Plots 3D plots of the antenna performance. Needed for embedded antenna configurations. x x
White Papers Selection of papers relating to the products, its application and performance. x
PCN Process Product Change Notices that communicate product changes. x x
Help Videos Video that provide guidance on a range of subjects including operation of the EVK, technical overview of the product, demonstration of functional operation x
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Frequently asked questions and answers that function as a knowledgebase related to Wi-Fi products and their integration. x
DVK Videos Video that provide guidance on a range of subjects including operation of the EVK, demonstration of example operations x
Environmental Test Reports Test reports showing the environmental test details and results. x
Reliability Reports Test reports in which device/module reliability has been established. x
RoHS and WEEE Declaration Compliance declaration to indicate support for the RoHS, WEE and REACH. x x
Reference Designs CB Design files that include layout details for module and antenna integration. x x
Certification Reports and Grants Certification test data and grants for each of the certified countries. x x

Our hardware offerings are coupled with extensive documentation, including detailed datasheets, user guides, software integration guides, application-specific guides, and more. We provide deep transparency on our offerings to dramatically expedite product development. We also provide 3D models, development kit schematics, hardware footprints, and all the specifications documents to help your designers integrate our hardware into your host device. We offer detailed recommendations for host integration, antenna keep-out, soldering timetables, electrical and mechanical characteristics, and all the expert advice you need to get the best reliability and performance out of our offerings. FAE experts and engineers are ready to provide additional support. The authors and experts that generate our documentation are just as ready to provide direct support for your challenging integrations.

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