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Getting your wireless product certified can be complicated and time consuming,

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EMC Compliance Testing

We bring expertise to your project through a deep understanding of the various certification standards required for market entry across the globe.

  • Understand the requirements
  • Medical testing
  • Develop test plans
  • Manage the filing process
  • Research standards
  • Manage renewals
  • Facilitate international regulatory compliance
  • Perform on-site EMC and RF testing

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Design With Confidence

Our test engineers support you at every stage of the EMC testing process. We bring expertise to your project through a deep understanding of the various certification standards required for market entry across the globe. 

Because we manufacture RF solutions, our engineers understand the nuances of product development to ensure your products achieve compliance. Achieving Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) compliance is essential for product reliability and market entry. 

At Ezurio, we offer comprehensive EMC compliance testing services, leveraging our deep understanding of global certification standards to ensure your products meet all regulatory requirements.



Understanding the Requirements

Global Certification Standards - Our expertise spans various global certification standards required for market entry, ensuring your products meet all necessary regulatory requirements..

Develop Test Plans

Customized Testing Strategies - We collaborate with you to develop detailed test plans tailored to your product and compliance needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient testing process.

Troubleshoot Failures

Expert Analysis and Solutions - If issues arise during testing, our engineers provide in-depth troubleshooting to identify root causes and recommend solutions to ensure compliance.

Facilitate International Regulatory Compliance

Global Market Entry - We facilitate compliance with international regulatory standards, helping you navigate the complexities of entering markets in the US, Canada, Europe, and beyond.

Research Standards

Stay Informed - Our team continuously researches and stays updated on the latest EMC and RF standards to provide you with the most accurate and current information.

Perform On-Site EMC and RF Testing

Comprehensive Testing Services - We offer on-site EMC and RF testing services to meet the requirements for the US, Canada, and Europe, ensuring your products are tested in real-world conditions.

Medical Testing

We are fully equipped to perform IEC 60601-1-2 Medical EMC Testing, AIM 7351731 Testing, and ANSI 63.27 Medical Co-Existance Testing for FDA 510K submissions.

Manage the Filing Process

Streamlined Documentation - We manage the filing process for you, ensuring all necessary documentation is accurately completed and submitted for compliance certification.

Manage Renewals

Ongoing Compliance: We help manage the renewal process for your product certifications, ensuring continued compliance with evolving standards.


Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) has invested in the necessary facilities and equipment to proactively address the rapidly changing compliance requirements for wireless products. This means our test engineers can execute your product's test plan efficiently, accurately and holistically. Our Laboratory operates on multiple shifts allowing faster turnaround or expedited schedule. Our team of EMC engineers can provide regulation expertise, assist with test plan generation, and mitigate failures.

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Chamber 3

  • Video monitoring software capable of incident reaction (pause, capture, alarm, etc.)
  • Fresh air inlet and exhaust outlet system
  • Updated absorber arrangement for contemporary requirements
  • Equipped with 7ft x 8ft door opening and 2000-lb. capacity 2-meter turntable

Chamber 5

  • Strategically designed to accommodate a wide variety of product sizes
  • Dedicated HVAC, fresh air inlets, and exhaust outlets
  • Equipped with a forklift-accessible 10ft x 10ft door opening, steel reinforced floor, and 6000-lbs. capacity 3-meter turntable

Flexible Laboratory Space 

Benches, test stations, and equipment are mobile, allowing the workspace to adapt to your product, rather than the product having to conform to the space. Flexible laboratory strategy can reduce test setup time, and provide greater consistency in test configurations. Equipped with both horizontal and vertical ground planes.

Capacities include:

  • Electrically Fast Transient Immunity
  • Lightning Surge
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • Magnetic Field Immunity
  • Radiated/Conducted Disturbances
  • Voltage Fluctuations/Short Interrupts

ISO 17025 and 9001 Accredited Wireless and EMC Test Laboratory

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Test Plan Development

Ezurio will understand your application and the markets you plan to enter, and develop a cost-effective and time-sensitive plan to release your product to market.

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3D Antenna Chamber

We specialize in on-site antenna patterning with a new Automated 3D Antenna Measurement System. This system quickly and efficiently collects spherical antenna pattern data, then generates antenna plots and performance summaries that provide detailed insight into the performance of a product’s antenna design.

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