FCC and FDA Wireless Test Beds Workshop Recap

Published on April 10, 2015

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FCC and FDA Wireless Test Beds Workshop Recap

Last week, the FCC and FDA teamed up to host a joint workshop called "Promoting Medical Technology Innovation - The Role of Wireless Test Beds". The workshop discussed key topics such as the role of wireless medical test beds, innovation and safe coexistence of wireless medical technologies, the future of healthcare and medical device innovations, and more.

The workshop included experts from industry, medicine, academia, and government to discuss the role of wireless medical test beds and their influence on the development of converged medical technology for clinical and non-clinical settings. From lead lined walls to metal objects to interference from other devices, hospitals are harsh environments that present many challenges to reliable wireless connectivity. It is imperative that the devices are thoroughly tested; even a disruption of a tenth of a second can cause a failure in the transmission of a continuous stream of data that might be critical to a patient’s care. Wireless test beds are a great testing option when testing in the actual hospital environment isn't possible. Wireless test beds simulate hospital environments allowing medical devices to be evaluated across a variety of scenarios, ranging from RF performance, interoperability, mobility, and security.

Check out a full recoding of the event below.