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IoT is all about data - gathering it efficiently and using it to enable intelligence, control, and exciting new applications. Harness the data around you with Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) Bluetooth-enabled sensors and gateways. This family of certified open development IoT devices are rugged for maximum durability in challenging environments. Learn more about our open development devices

Develop using our Linux-based Canvas firmware or natively using Zephyr RTOS board files to provide edge intelligence to respond to real-world situations in real time. Make these device your own with development options for the standard products or layer on a range of white labelling or customized capabilities including our new Canvas Device Management.

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Best-in-Class Bluetooth LE IoT Gateway Options

Ezurio's wireless expertise means your solution will deliver optimum performance. Our range of Bluetooth LE IoT gateways gives you the flexibility to choose the right option for gathering Bluetooth LE sensor data and bridging that data to the cloud, whether that is via Wi-Fi, LTE (CAT 1 or LTE-M / NB-IoT), or hard-wired Ethernet.


Robust IP-Certified Bluetooth LE IoT Sensors

Gather environmental data with a broad range of Bluetooth LE IoT sensor options. Built with robust IP67 ratings for maximum durability in challenging environments, choose from an array of battery powered Bluetooth LE sensor hardware with built in sensor options for temperature, acceleration, open / close or external sensor interfaces for ultrasonic, thermistors, pressure and AC current.


Develop Your Own End Applications

Ezurio provides best in class, certified Bluetooth LE IoT devices built with open source Linux or Zephyr RTOS development environments. Choose from Ezurio's new Canvas firmware or the provided Zephyr RTOS board files to swiftly get started on developing your specific end application firmware needs.  


Longevity and Security

We work with many industrial and medical customers to understand long product lifecycles. In the process, we’ve learned first-hand how challenging it is to keep IoT solutions secure. That’s why we work diligently to maintain our products’ hardware, Linux-based Canvas firmware and tools with your long-term goals in mind.  This has been extended further to provide Canvas Device Management capabilities for customers to be able to deliver future proof OTA firmware and configuration updates for your fielded estate of devices.


Our Bluetooth LE IoT Gateways

Sentrius™ MG100 Gateway

Captures data from our, or enable for any Bluetooth LE sensors, and send to the cloud via LTE-M/NB-IoT

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Multi Protocol Wireless IoT Gateway with BL654 for Bluetooth LE capabilities running Laird Linux

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IG60-BL654 Angle


Multi Protocol Wireless IoT Gateway with BL654 for Bluetooth LE capabilities and LTE CAT 1 back haul running Laird Linux

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Our Bluetooth LE IoT Sensors

Sentrius BT6x0 I/O Sensor

Robust, secure, IP67-Certified Bluetooth LE Long Range industrial sensors. Support for Thermistor, AC Current, and Ultrasonic/Pressure external sensors

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BT610 - Square

Sentrius BT510 Sensor

Our Sentrius BT510 Sensor utilizes Bluetooth 5, including long-range LE Coded PHY, to send proximity, accelerometer, and open/close data. Years of readings on a single coin-cell battery. 

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BT510 - Square

Sentrius BT710 Sensor

Our Sentrius BT710  tracker provides user alerts and RTLS location capabilities over long-range Bluetooth 5. Serves contact tracing and workplace safety applications to fight COVID-19. 

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Send Data to Your Cloud.

Our Bluetooth LE IoT Sensors can bridge your sensor data to any of our Bluetooth LE IoT gateways. Utilising industry standard protocols such as MQTT and LwM2M, we provide the necessary cloud hooks to send that data to the cloud provider of your choice including AWS, Azure and Cumulocity IoT.


IoT Customization Capabilities

Build Your Bluetooth IoT Device

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White labeling of enclosures and packaging


Custom firmware configuration and pre-loaded software


Simplify workflows for configuration and maintenance of deployments with Canvas™ Device Manager


Work with our Design Services team to create fully customizable hardware and software