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Accelerating your medical innovations through long term support platforms, wireless connectivity, and device security solutions.

Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) is the partner of choice for medical device manufacturers. Our wide range of solutions and services enable you to rapidly deploy products that meet the most stringent security standards and work in even the most difficult RF environments. Our products are expansive in their applications, providing secure connectivity to medical equipment for patient monitoring, surgical, infusion, portable, bedside, and more. Keep reading to learn how we can help you develop secure, reliable, future-proof connected solutions.

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If you’re here, you probably know by now that getting your medical device to market on time is difficult. It’s a multi-year process that can be filled with many roadblocks and pitfalls. Over the years we’ve helped countless medical device manufacturers navigate that process. In our experience, customers typically need help in three main areas:


Long Term Support

We are here to help our customers every step of the way in this difficult and lengthy process so they can get to market as quickly as possible. From choosing and integrating a wireless solution to trouble shooting in the field with your end customer, we have dedicated engineering teams standing by and ready to assist with pre and post market support. We also know the importance of longevity. We build and support our solutions through your product development, approvals, and long, successful life-cycle. We prioritize flexibility in packaging along with backward and forward compatibility.

20 Year Medical Device Lifecycle

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Two Paths to Connectivity

The first step to a successful wireless implementation is figuring out exactly what wireless technology is best for your applications. Hospitals are notoriously difficult RF environments with a lot of noise and limited bandwidth. Our Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and system-on-module (SOM) solutions are developed with those factors in mind. Our market-leading solutions deliver exceptional performance, including fast scan and roam along with enhanced security for devices whose network connectivity is critical to operation.


Our goal is to simplify the process of protecting your devices by combining our industry leading hardware with multiple layers of security software and enterprise connectivity via Summit Suite. Summit Suite is a customizable security portfolio that allows you the flexibility to choose the security features that are right for your product and end applications. This range of added value software services combines the most important security features into one package to mitigate the risk and reduce threats.

  • Secure Connectivity: An enterprise-grade software suite that includes enhanced regulatory support, WPA2-Enterprise, WPA3-Enterprise, and TLS 1.3.
  • FIPS Cryptographic Modules: We are FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Validated and have a roadmap to validate to FIPS 140-3 Level 1. Enable Wi-Fi communications, provide end-to-end TLS data-in-transit, and data-at-rest for government agencies and private enterprises requiring FIPS validated cryptography.
  • Chain of Trust Device Security: We go beyond the industry standard to ensure that your IP and user information is safe. Verify device and software authenticity from bootloader to user applications. Leverage device encryption and secure key storage.
  • Software Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation: Get notified of known vulnerabilities in the software packages your devices use. We detect, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities via regular CVE scanning and updated software releases.
  • Canvas: Simplify workflows for configuration and maintenance of your IoT device deployments. Easily setup devices, monitor status and keep software up-to-date across your entire IoT device fleet.

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“Ezurio has been a trusted partner for us for several years. Ezurio has provided services from developing custom antennas and modules to full EMI certification testing. They shine as a partner when it comes to support. When issues do arise, Laird Connectivty partners with our business and service organizations to determine the source and best resolution. This has included site visits to our end customers to troubleshoot problems in real time. Ezurio is a business and technology partner we can count on!" 

Phil Raymond
Director, Wireless Competency Center
Philips Healthcare


“Longevity in the market for medical devices is critical. Ezurio gets it! We sourced their SSD30 for many years. When components on this design were going EOL, Ezurio worked with us on a last time buy to source this product as long as possible. They then provided us a migration path to the newer platform that was form, fit, and function compatible with the previous design. Ezurio is also committed to timely software updates and correcting security vulnerabilities. They have been a great business and technology partner to work with!" 

Tom Larkin
Vice President Manufacturing Operations
Nova Biomedical


“We have worked with Ezurio's Design Services, EMI Test & Certification, and Embedded Module teams from prototype to full production of new products. Their module integration services and wireless compliance testing expertise are second to none. And they are consistent with periodic software updates that add new features and plug security vulnerabilities. I look forward to our continued relationship with Ezurio."

Cibu Jose
Senior Wireless Systems Engineer
GE Healthcare


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