Bluetooth Modules

Robust Performance Bluetooth LE and Classic Modules

We have been designing and manufacturing Bluetooth modules for over 20 years and have solutions spanning Classic Bluetooth, all the way to the latest Bluetooth 5.4 specifications.

Secure, low power, cost efficient modules based on innovative silicon from Nordic Semiconductor, Silicon Labs, Infineon and Qualcomm (CSR).

Every module in our portfolio is backed by our core support offerings:

  • Free technical support inc 3D antenna scans & SCH reviews
  • Global access to FAEs
  • Test & Certification services
  • Multiple pre-certified antennas

Browse Modules by Chipset

Chipset Module Series BLE LE Long Range 2MPHY Classic BT 802.15.4 / Matter / Thread
Nordic nRF54H20 SoC

BL54H20 Series - Multi-Core Bluetooth LE + 802.15.4 + NFC

x x x   x
Nordic nRF54L15 SoC

BL54L15 Series - Bluetooth LE + 802.15.4 + NFC

x x x   x
nRF21540 Front End Module

BL5340PA Series Long Range Bluetooth Module

x x x   x

BL5340 Series - Multi-Core Bluetooth 5.2 + 802.15.4 + NFC Modules

x x x   x

BL654 Series Bluetooth Module with NFC

x x x   x

BL654PA Series Long Range Bluetooth Module

x x x   x

BL653 Series Bluetooth 5.1 + 802.15.4 + NFC Module

x x x   x Includes 802.15.4 and Thread. Not Matter.
nRF52833 WLCSP

BL653μ Series - Bluetooth 5.1 + 802.15.4 + NFC Modules

x x x   x Includes 802.15.4 and Thread. Not Matter.

BL651 Series Bluetooth Module

x   x    

BL652 Series Bluetooth v5 + NFC Module

x   x    

BL600 Series Bluetooth Module


Key Features of Bluetooth 5.x

  • 5.4

  • 5.3

  • 5.2

  • 5.1

  • 5.0

Bluetooth 5.x Version Feature Advantages Improvement End User Examples
v5.4 Periodic Advertising with Response (PAwR) Exchange of application data using connectionless communication Energy efficient (Battery Life),
bi-directional, communication in a large-scale one-to-many topology
Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) and applications needing to send and receive messages between a central hub
device and a large number of other devices in a network
Encrypted Advertising Secure broadcasting of data in
advertising packets
Connectionless communication or encrypted advertising and scan response packets Broadcast topologies allowing portions of advertisement packet be exposed to any observer while other portions needing confidentiality can be read by an intended observer.
LE GATT Security Levels Characteristic Devices may now indicate the security mode and level required for all their GATT functionality Adds Attribute Permissions Door Lock for multitenant dwelling where only authorized users can access entry based on user list.
Advertising Coding Selection LE Extended Advertising now allows CODED Phy Selection Longer range or higher throughput Extended Advertisement Beacons & location/tracking services can be improved for greater data & information at longer distances or greater throughput

Wirepas +Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) in Partnership

  • Connect up to billions of devices with Wirepas firmware and Ezurio sensors.
  • Scalable, decentralized mesh protocol for truly massive and high-density IoT networks.
  • No external control needed. No central device management required.

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Simplify Your Bluetooth Support

Personal Support

Ezurio's global support organization is ready to help. With industry-renowned Field Application Engineering and Tier I support available worldwide, our experts can help you bring your design to market with our decades of experience in wireless and product design. 


Value Added Services

Our hardware is paired with multiple software offerings to help you develop your way. Choose from options like a familiar AT Command Set, our smartBASIC application engine, or full C code development via the Nordic or Silicon Labs SDKs. 



EMC testing and certifications can increase development time and expenses. Our test engineers work with you from start to finish, providing pre-testing, antenna scans, and more to ensure your product meets compliance. And our broad distribution partnerships ensure you’re always covered for hardware availability.   


Certified Antennas

Ezurio's wireless modules come pre-certified with many antenna options, including some of our industry-first Flexible PIFA and inverted Flexible PIFA antennas. Our antenna portfolio is customizable with various antenna lengths and connectors, and with wide stock availability through our distribution partners. With our accredited test laboratories and free antenna scans, you can be certain your product meets emissions requirements and successfully leverages our modular approvals.   

Explore Internal Antennas


What Makes Us Different?

On-Site EMC and Antenna Testing

The only module and antenna manufacturer that offers our own on-site EMC testing approvals, which drastically reduces your risk and time to market. Let our onsite EMC Test engineers help you navigate the EMC certification process.

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IoT Solutions

Whether you need a product tailored, customized or are looking for complete product development services, we use in-house expertise and strategic partnerships to bring your product to market faster with the results you want. 

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Antenna Options

We offer a broad portfolio of cost-effective embedded antenna solutions that provide unmatched connectivity for your wireless devices. Let us help you find the right antenna pre-certified with our extensive module selection.

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