Laird Connectivity Delivers Bluetooth 5 Upgrade Path for Classic Devices with the Upcoming Vela IF820 Series

Classic Bluetooth and Migration to Bluetooth LE with a Single Part

Published on September 19, 2023

Laird Connectivity Delivers Bluetooth 5 Upgrade Path for Classic Devices with the Upcoming Vela IF820 Series

Akron, Ohio – 19 September 2023 – Laird Connectivity, a global leader in wireless technology, today announces a new addition to its Bluetooth portfolio, the Vela IF820 Series. This range of dual mode flexible modules, adapters and DVKs allows a single module to cover legacy Classic Bluetooth and migration to Bluetooth LE with a single part. 

Based on Infineon Technologies AIROC™ CYW20820 silicon, the Vela IF820 marries all the benefits of the CYW20820 hardware, software, and tools offerings with Laird Connectivity’s added value application software, services, certification, and support capabilities. The Vela IF820 series provides OEMs with multiple software development options suited to their resources and skillsets, with close attention to providing forward-looking replacement products for some of Laird Connectivity’s legacy Bluetooth product portfolio. 

“In a growing environment of Bluetooth LE-only wireless options, the Vela IF820 Series helps our customers ensure that their estates of Classic Bluetooth devices don’t get left behind,” says Jonathan Kaye, VP of Product Management, Laird Connectivity. “Together with Infineon, we drive down customers’ total cost of ownership, design complexity and risk, while ensuring the fastest time to market for dual mode Bluetooth IoT designs.” 

The Vela IF820 includes multiple small form factor PCB modules to suit any host of board footprints, and targets both hosted and hostless applications. They’re accompanied by low cost, easy to use development kits and the addition of a certified, packaged USB Adapter to add Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE connectivity to a variety of additional. 

“Infineon is pleased to build on our strategic partnership with our Premium Partner, Laird Connectivity,” said Shantanu Bhalerao, Vice President of the Bluetooth Product Line at Infineon. “Pairing the AIROC™ CYW20820, which delivers flexibility, low power, and high-performance connectivity, with Laird Connectivity’s extensive development support, the Vela IF820 ensures that customers have the flexibility needed to address the ever-evolving needs of Bluetooth applications.” 

The Vela IF820 is ideal for a broad range of applications including home automation, asset tracking devices, secure medical peripherals and industrial IoT sensors. Modular FCC, CE, UKCA, ISED, RCM, MIC KCC, and Bluetooth SIG approvals extend to OEM designs with no new testing, enabling faster time to market and reduced development risks. 

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