Low-Power Cellular and Bluetooth 5 A Whole New World of Powerful Applications

Our End Device Certified cellular IoT solutions intelligently combine low power cellular LTE-M and NB-IoT with long range Bluetooth 5. This unique combination enables totally new use cases using low-cost, long-range Bluetooth sensors all connected to the next generation cellular network, in a much simpler and lower cost architecture. Our cellular solutions are enhanced with multiple internal and external antenna options and a complete, certified co-located radio architecture – all to help you significantly reduce development time and costs.

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Why Choose Ezurio for Cellular IoT?

Lower Costs

Limited costly radio or cellular certifications needed. Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) cellular-solutions are end-device certified, enabling a cost-effective and fast time to market.


Complete Antenna Flexibility

The only cellular solutions on the market that have pre-integrated, low-cost embedded antennas plus external antenna options including our Revie Flex LTE-M / NB-IoT and DBA series antennas.


Bluetooth 5

Fully featured Bluetooth 5 radio with support for LE Long Range and 2MPHY– all tightly integrated and co-located certification with LTE-M and NB-IoT functionality.


Integrated MCU with Hostless or Hosted Support

Develop your application directly on the Cortex M4F controller using Zephyr RTOS to reduce overall production cost and power consumption or use our hosted mode AT command set.


Speed to Market

Our End Device Certified, out-of-the-box solutions are designed to help reduce risk and decrease development time, for a faster prototype-to-production process.   


Cloud Ready

Securely connect your wireless Bluetooth sensors over a low-power LTE connection to cloud services like AWS IoT – test within minutes with our Out of Box (OOB) application software, mobile apps and Development Kit.


Expert Support

You can work with the #1 experts in low power wireless connectivity and leverage free antenna scans, design reviews, on-site EMC support, and a global team of engineers to help accelerate your product to market. 


Now Available: Pinnacle™ 100 Cellular Modem LTE-M and NB-IoT modem with integrated Bluetooth 5

The Pinnacle 100 cellular modem is an ideal product for customers looking for a fully-integrated solution – combining Bluetooth 5, cellular, and flexible antenna options into a single hardware platform.

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Multiple Antenna Options

Choose from a variety of internal or external antenna options, including the only modem with a unique integrated antenna. This is an ideal solution for simplifying integration, saving space, and lowering costs without decreasing performance.


Integrated Bluetooth Radio

The integrated Bluetooth v5 radio supports LE Coded (long range) and Bluetooth mesh. It’s never been easier to bridge wireless Bluetooth 5 sensor data to cloud services like AWS IoT over a low-power LTE connection.


Complete Radio and Cellular Certifications

The Pinnacle 100 modem is fully end device certified from a radio regulatory, as well as LTE carrier perspective. No need to worry about the time and cost involved in the certification process.  


Longest Battery Life

Extremely power-conscious, the Pinnacle 100 offers the lowest power consumption. This is ideal for battery-powered devices operating at the edge of your IoT networks.


LTE-M + NB-IoT Solutions

Pinnacle 100

End-Device Certified cellular modem with LTE-M/NB-IoT and long-range Bluetooth

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Captures data from Bluetooth 5 sensors and sends it to the cloud via LTE-M/NB-IoT

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LTE CAT 1 Solutions


Wireless IoT gateway with Serial Port and LTE AWS Greengrass or Ezurio Linux

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IG60-SERIAL-LTE Front-Angle.jpg


Wireless IoT gateway with BL654 and LTE AWS Greengrass or Ezurio Linux

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IG60-BL654-LTE Front-Angle-large.png

RG191 + LTE (US)

LoRaWAN / WI-Fi / Ethernet / LTE (IP67 Available)

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MVNO Options to get you started

LTE M - Global

Truphone addresses the most complex challenges of building IoT cellular devices by building a dedicated IoT SIM, a global IoT network, and an IoT platform to provide a truly global IoT cellular connectivity service. By partnering with Digi-Key, Truphone provides a one-stop-shop for customers' cellular connectivity requirements.

Every Pinnacle™ 100 Development Kit includes a Truphone SIM card with total of 250MB of FREE data, with 3 month expiration date from initial activation.

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NB-IoT / LTE M - Europe

Arkessa is a dedicated Internet of Things cellular connectivity services provider, offering world-wide, world-class connectivity solutions that make it easy to design, deploy and manage your IoT devices securely, efficiently, and at scale, whatever your application or business model. With over ten years’ experience as a leading pioneer in IoT connectivity, Arkessa offers dedicated support, technical, and commercial flexibility to Ezurio customers across Europe and beyond.

For every Pinnacle™ 100 Development Kit shipped to a customer in Europe, contact Ezurio to receive a ready to go Arkessa SIM with 25MB data per month with 3 month expiration date from initial activation.

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Endless Applications

  • Cold Chain Monitoring

    Cold Chain Monitoring

  • Agriculture


  • Industrial Heating and Cooling

    Industrial Heating and Cooling

  • Predictive Maintenance of Material Assets

    Predictive Maintenance of Material Assets

  • Connected Field Services

    Connected Field Services

  • Medical


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Why Choose Cellular for Your Wireless Solution?

While the consumer products world focuses on streaming the latest videos to phones over 5G, another, equally powerful cellular transformation is underway in the medical and industrial space: low-power cellular networks – LTE-M / NB-IoT. These technologies are unleashing a new wave of IoT devices that drastically reduce cost and operate for years on a single battery. But that’s just the start. Combining low-power cellular with Bluetooth 5 gives you two best-in-class wireless technologies to bridge local sensors, phones, people, gateways, and the cloud into one seamless extension of your enterprise.


Why do Customers Choose Ezurio?Our World Class Customer Support.

Global FAE & Support Team

Our team of committed professionals provide our customers detailed documentation resources, software development tools, technical support, and extensive product implementation support. With 24-hour first response during the business week and dedicated global teams for product support and integrations, our team is there to help.

  • Schematic & Layout Reviews
  • Antenna Selection and Design Review
  • Free Antenna Scans
  • Custom Antenna Design
  • Global EMC Certifications

Onsite EMC and Antenna Testing

Ezurio is an accredited EMC Test Facility specializing in wireless product testing and approvals for Worldwide Certifications including the US (FCC), Canada (ISED), European Union (CE), Japan (Gitecki), Australia/New Zealand (RCM). We are the only module and antenna manufacturer that offers our own on-site EMC testing approvals, which drastically reduces your risk and time to market.

  • One Stop Shop for Modules, Custom Antennas, and all your EMC Testing
  • Full product certifications for custom antennas
  • Onsite EMC Test engineers to better advise and help customers with the EMC certification process