Connected Solutions for Gaming

Bet on wireless - creating an immersive gaming experience.

Players want to be immersed in a world where the gaming exctiement never stops. Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) offers cutting-edge solutions tailored for uninterrupted, high-resolution, and secure gameplay for both gaming machines and mobile devices. Our diverse portfolio of system-on-modules along with our unrivaled design support enables real-time, reliable communication for a flawless gaming experience. Learn how Ezurio can increase gamer satisfaction, enhance operational efficiency, and drive success to new heights.


Gaming Use Cases


In the fast-paced casino industry, the range of slot machines varies widely, from visually stunning high-resolution models to more basic, lower-end machines. Regardless of their complexity, each machine requires robust, high-resolution operation and secure functionality to ensure a consistently high-quality gaming experience for all users. 

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Enhanced Security
  • High-Resolution Graphics
  • Regulatory Compliance


Arcade Games

Dozens of arcade games, ranging from retro classics to modern interactive systems, require high-performance embedded solutions. Whether it’s the precise timing needed in rhythm games like DDR and Guitar Hero, the rapid response required in fighting and racing games, or the nostalgic appeal of pinball and vintage machines, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted gameplay is vital.

  • High-Resolution Graphics
  • Instant Response Time
  • Long Equipment Lifespan
  • Consistent Connectivity


Our family of embedded SOMs are built to accelerate your product development cycles. Choose from a range of rugged and compact solder down hardware offerings and software configurations to best suit your application needs. Our SOM solutions give developers a secure, smart, connected IoT platform for deployment in the most demanding applications.

i.MX 8 Series

Based on NXP Semiconductor's i.MX 8, ideal for advanced graphics, imaging, and video applications

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i.MX 9 Series

Based on NXP Semiconductor's i.MX 9, optimized for enhanced energy efficiency, cutting-edge machine learning, and advanced smart devices.

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MediaTek Genio Series

High-performance, edge-AI IoT platform designed for highly responsive edge processing, advanced multimedia capabilities, and connectivity options. 

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What Makes Us Different

High Performance SOMs

Our modules are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of gaming and casino applications. Utilizing fast data processing with advanced ARM processors, high-speed memory interfaces, and high-resolution graphics rendering capabilities, our SOMs are tailored for the demanding, fast-paced, and visually intensive nature of gaming environments.


Full System Support

Ezurio elevates the gaming experience by providing direct collaboration with leading design experts and quality assurance technicians to help reduce risk and get your product to market faster. Our approach doesn't stop at providing top-tier hardware solutions but also a smooth, efficient deployment of your gaming and casino platforms.


Enhanced Security Measures

In the gaming and casino industry, where data security and user privacy are vital, our products stand out with their robust security framework. From advanced encryption protocols to secure boot processes, these measures are designed to protect sensitive data and transactions, maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and trust.  


Application Story: Elevating Player Engagement

In the world of gaming and the casino industry, mechanical levers and spinning reels once dominated the floor. Today’s digital games stand as a technological innovation as their immersive graphical displays and technology attract players like never before. But with innovation comes challenges, as developers struggle to find the perfect hardware that balances performance and efficiency. Demands for high-performance graphics and stringent security features suggest a new solution must be found. System-on-modules (SOMs), with their compact design and modularity, provide a pathway to streamline development and address these complex challenges head on. 

Elevating Player Engagement with SOMs in Casino and Gaming.png

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