Wirepas +
Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) in Partnership

Devices connected to 2.4 GHz Mesh networks using Bluetooth LE Modules

Connect our Lyra and BL65x Bluetooth LE modules to any Wirepas 2.4 GHz field proven mesh network, enabling fast and reliable deployment for your IoT project. 

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Create Enormous Mesh Networks with On-Device Intelligence

Connect up to billions of devices with Wirepas firmware and Ezurio sensors. Wirepas is a scalable, decentralized mesh protocol for truly massive and high-density IoT networks. It's designed for the challenges and environments that matter to industrial IoT, with innovative self-healing properties, hop-to-hop acknowledgement, adaptive transmit power, and more. Wirepas is uniquely designed to avoid collisions, optimize traffic, and reliably capture data. 

No external control needed. No central device management required. The intelligence is onboard every mesh device in the network, executed flawlessly.


Wide Range of Applications and Use Cases

The combination of Ezurio and Wirepas caters to multiple markets and use cases ranging from Smart tracking, Smart buildings, Smart Energy, Smart City, Smart manufacturing.

We provide support and guides to run Wirepas 2.4GHz Mesh software on our Ezurio Bluetooth LE modules. This helps you connect your hardware to a range of Wirepas Mesh networks as well as end-to-end services, for applications such as monitoring, positioning, provisioning, security, remote updates and more.


How to Get Started: Contact Us!

Our Wirepas development kits are a separate part offering from our standard parts, and are developed specifically for our partnership with Wirepas. Please do not purchase standard development kits for the supported modules, as the standard parts require pre-programming with licensed Wirepas keys. 

Our Wirepas evaluation kits make it quick and easy to begin prototyping Wirepas mesh applications and provide full access to available module features and interfaces. 

For those interested in developing with Wirepas for the BL652, BL653, BL654, Lyra, and more, please contact our sales organization for ordering information.

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Supported Devices

Wirepas 2.4GHz Mesh firmware can be used with our Lyra and BL65x Bluetooth LE Modules.  Download an introduction guide and contact our global support staff for more information to support your project.


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