Product Development

Whether you need a product customized, require design integration services or need complete product development services, we use in-house expertise to bring your product to market faster with the results you want. So, no matter what your IoT application requires, Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) has a solution right for you.

Tailored Solutions

We can quickly tailor our products to meet your specific design needs. We offer:

  • Custom Enclosure Color & Branding for Our IoT Devices
  • Pre-Flashing Modules or IoT Devices with Client Specific Firmware
  • Antenna Cable Length & Connector Changes
  • Kitting & Custom Packaging

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Custom Solutions

Looking for a more customized solution? We build on our tailoring services, starting with our standard RF Module or IoT Device, and more fully customize to your requirements. From firmware development to cloud integration, we have the unique ability to balance user experience and aesthetics with embedded and RF design to bring your unique custom product to market on time.

  • Application Specific Firmware and Custom Protocol Development
  • iOS & Android Application Development
  • Custom Enclosure Design
  • Module Form Factor Change or New Connector
  • Sensor Customization
  • Secure Signed Firmware
  • Cloud Integration

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Product Design Services

If you’re starting from square one, don’t worry. Our team of engineers is here to help. With decades of wireless expertise, we can identify which technology will best meet the needs of your end customer and can support your full product development needs. Leverage our deep heritage of developing IoT solutions to bring your product to market on time and on budget. What we offer:

  • Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering
  • User Interface / User Experience Design
  • RF Design including Custom Antenna Design
  • Hardware Design and PCB Layout
  • Embedded SW Development
  • Cloud Architecture Development & Integration
  • In-House EMC Test Services (FCC, ISED, ETSI, Giteki, RCM, etc)

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What Makes Us Different?

Ezurio has all the capabilities necessary to realize your IoT strategy. We are the only IoT Solution provider that offers modules, antennas, IoT devices, design services, EMC testing, and manufacturing – all under one roof. By working with one single partner, you will accelerate your time to market, reduce risk, and significantly reduce costs.


DeWALT Success Story

DeWALT required a connected battery to enable new jobsite features not previously possible including real-time battery management, battery security, and safety features. We designed an IoT platform for DeWALT that included integrating the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) chipset directly into the battery pack, turnkey development of a Bluetooth LE tag, and developing the Android and iOS mobile apps for connectivity. We also completed the Bluetooth LE manufacturing test fixtures.

  • Industrial Design Concepts and Refinement
  • Embedded SW Development
  • Mechanical Design and Implementation
  • Antenna Design and Manufacturing

ComplianceMate Success Story

This LoRaWAN based sensor ecosystem enables automated temperature monitoring and reporting with digitized capture and reporting of operational activity within the food service industry. Using our product development and wireless expertise, Ezurio provided ComplianceMate with a cost-effective solution for the harsh RF operating world of sealed commercial refrigeration units in any building’s kitchens. We are uniquely positioned to meet all of the specific product requirements by customizing our standard LoRaWAN Sensor and Gateway Platform.

We provided:

  • Custom Enclosure Color and Label
  • Client Specific Software Features
  • Client Mobile Application
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering and Field Support


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