Our Four Rules for Successful Certifications

Published on March 27, 2020

Our Four Rules for Successful Certifications

Everywhere, the Same Concerns: Cost, Time, and Support

Navigating the certifications process, as we’ve discussed on this blog, is a difficult process. At its best, it requires coordinated testing, careful hardware design, and a wide range of regulatory requirements. At its worst, last minute problems and unknown flaws can require costly redesigns, slow down approvals, and lead to even more time and cost.

Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) experts have the experience, test labs, and proven track record to get your design to market. It’s our philosophy that plenty of early testing, designing with best practices in mind, and tight partnerships are critical in getting your product over the regulatory hurdle and to hit the market running.

In this post, we’ll discuss our four rules for successful regulatory certifications.

Rule #1: Understand the requirements.

When you don’t know the rules, it’s impossible to play the game effectively. The same goes for understanding regulatory requirements: There are lots of requirements for regulatory certification, and they can be difficult to fully appreciate. It’s plainly difficult for anyone to fully understand, and that’s where experts come in: having someone who has a firm understanding of what you need to get your device to market can help you design with compliance in mind from the start, saving lots of development hours and ensuring you’re not just learning as you go.

Ezurio has both certification and design experts with decades of experience, and has helped secure thousands of successful approvals globally. Having been there before, and seen all of the pitfalls inherent in the process, our experts are uniquely positioned to help you get to market with minimal risk.

Rule #2: Don’t settle for just a lab. Find a certification partner.

At the bare minimum, to get regulatory approval, you’ll need to have your product tested in a lab to make sure that in operation, it complies with the requirements of the regulatory bodies involved.

Don’t settle for the bare minimum.

In Ezurio, you have a true partner in the certifications process. Because we’re also a product manufacturer, we deliver a unique advantage to clients: we have the perspective and the experience of taking on all of these challenges for ourselves as well. That means we have exceptional ability to prepare and swiftly resolve obstacles before they disrupt a design. Having brough so many products to market, we know the roadmap.

We know firsthand how every single decision has an impact on the timing and costs of regulatory preparedness, and we’ve navigated it time and again with our own products, as well as the products of our clients. Finding a qualified partner that is capable of supporting all those complexities in a practiced, experienced manner is a core driver of your success. Ezurio is that partner.

Rule #3: Test early, test often.

As we’ve discussed in our webinar on FCC pre-scans, there is no substitute for getting reliable data early and continuing to test throughout the design process. Assumptions and decisions made early on have a big impact on where your product ends up towards the end of the design process. And every issue that you can identify and fix early in the process will have a big impact on saving you time and money with redesigns at the end.

It is significantly more difficult and costly to have to design in a fix at the end, rather than spot it early and keep your design on track.

Our accredited test lab in Cedarburg, WI is not only fully equipped with everything you need to conduct pre-compliance testing, but also has that critical expertise to design your pre-test plan. We can help you focus on investigating the areas where problems actually crop up, not consuming critical time and money in less important areas. Because we’ve been there repeatedly, we know how to focus your resources and deliver the most efficient path to compliance.

Rule #4: Ask for help.

The route to certification is full of unknown unknowns for most manufacturers. It’s important to have a trusted partner that can deliver confidence in the value they provide, and help clear the path. Because Ezurio is a true partner through the process, we’re vested in the success of your design and the many designs to follow. And because of that, we’re ready to support you when you need it – especially where you don’t know you need it.

We don’t just clear the path for our clients. We teach them why the path needs clearing and help them keep the overgrowth from returning. The more prepared and educated our clients are, the better we can act on their behalf. All of this has a real world bottom line: we accelerate your schedules, get you to market with certainty, and deliver our premier service.

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