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Being wireless experts is a full-time job – and we’ve seen it all. Under our roof are more than 3 decades of experience that address every single step of hardware and software development, with capabilities and support our competitors can’t touch. We’re a collection of dedicated hardware designers, full EMC and regulatory technicians, customer-first software designers, and a global support organization ready to get into the weeds to get your product to market. Experience what premium partnerships are all about.

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A global hardware engineering and test team with decades of experience bringing products to market. We employ learned best design practices, verify and QA validate those designs at each stage of development, and RF test in house to produce the most reliable solutions we can create.


We design to the environments and challenges our customers face, with application-specific features like industrial temperature ranges, or ultra-compact SiP module footprints. We also offer Wi-Fi modules that support the M.2 standard and MHF/U.FL antenna connectors, all designed with long-term availability in mind.


Global certifications are our priority. Leverage our modular approvals in your design and fast-track certification in the US, Canada, the EU, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. Need to scale into new markets? Our in-house team is ready to help secure further regulatory approvals in any market.


We offer extensive documentation on all of our offerings, including regulatory documentation, guides, datasheets, targeted application notes, DVK drawings and schematics, 3D models, RF scans, and much more. You're never on your own: our global support team is ready to help.



As a Linux Foundation Member, we value open-source software that plays well together. We leverage mainline Linux distributions and our extensive silicon expertise to curate the best open source solutions for our products, often above and beyond standard offerings. It's all open source and easily accessible from our website.


Our Backports package dramatically de-risks integration. It's a full Linux Wi-Fi stack: drivers, network libraries, supplicant, and netmanager, fully documented for Buildroot, Yocto, and Debian. Multiple yearly releases provide software updates, CVE remediation, features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, and more.


All releases are extensively QA tested for compatibility across a wide array of kernels, seamlessly integrating with your platform, OS, and preferences. Fit our hardware and software into your chosen environment and not the other way around with confidence that the stack is validated, tested, and stable. 


Our engineering team provides benefits like enhanced roaming, adaptive worldwide mode, optimized supplicant, wake-on-wireless for optimized power management, and more via our Summit Suite Secure Connectivity.



Real people offering real support – guaranteed. When you contact Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity), your support ticket is created with a commitment for us to respond within 24 – 48 business hours. You’ll receive real support from a real person with intimate knowledge of our products.


Global Tier II support and FAE teams are ready to lend their decades of hands-on expertise. They work under the same roof with hardware and software engineers to connect you directly to our core development and engineering resources. We're truly global, with staff in North America, Europe and Asia.


Our support team is not only backed up by our engineering teams but they also have access to our full knowledge base: databook and integration guides for hardware, software, and Laird backports; full certification and regulatory documentation with test tools (no license); and our extensive library of FAQs . 


Not sure? Just ask! Our free design reviews at the outset of your project ensure we get it right the first time. We thoroughly document and advise on critical design considerations like PCB placement, host board trace routing, and more. Plus, we provide 3D RF scans early on, ensuring RF performance is exactly as expected.



Pre-certified modules to guarantee compliance in the major global markets. Our modules are meticulously engineered to meet and exceed the stringent standards set by regulatory bodies worldwide. By choosing us, you’re choosing a faster path to international markets, without the worry of compliance hurdles.


Certification reports, grants, and Regulatory Information Guide (RIG) for each product, as proof of compliance and a guide to navigating the regulatory landscape. We maintain certification through the product lifecycle and beyond, keeping up-to-date with changing standards and evolving test requirements.


On-site EMC test facility and support, allowing additional global certification for your product. Our facility, coupled with our dedicated support team, gives you the ability to fine-tune your product’s compliance beyond the pre-certifications we provide.


Our pre-certified antennas are uniquely designed, tested, measured, and optimized for ideal performance. And our modules are pre-certified with many antennas, giving you flexibility and reliability in completing your total wireless offering. It's all designed, tested, and certified in-house with our decades of experience.


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The road to wireless integration is perilous and long – but it doesn’t have to be. We’re the experts with countless wireless products in the field, some for more than a decade. We’re there for you from day one, with meticulously engineered hardware and software that delivers much more than our competitors’ offerings. And we don’t stop there – we provide continuous development, testing, documentation, scans, reviews, and everything that teams large and small need to succeed with wireless.

These are our value pillars as a partner and provider: Excellence in hardware and software, industry-best support, and helping you deploy around the world in the markets that drive your business success.

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