Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) – Our Time at Embedded World 2023

Laird Connectivity participated in person in this year’s Embedded World. Here’s our major takeaways and experiences of the show.

Published on April 4, 2023

Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) – Our Time at Embedded World 2023

Embedded World 2023 – 20th Anniversary

This year, Ezurio joined again at Embedded World in Nuremberg to showcase our latest product innovations, meet with customers and distributors, and have exciting conversations with developers in the embedded space. This year was the 20th anniversary of Embedded World, which started in 2003. After a few years without an in-person event due to COVID-19, Embedded World came back in 2022, and this year our team experienced a large amount of excitement and enthusiasm around new products, new designs, and emerging trends.

In this post, we want to detail a few key experiences and takeaways from Embedded World 2023: areas where we participated, areas where companies are directing their focus, and what seems to be coming next in the world of embedded design.

#1: Ezurio was well represented among our partners’ displays.

Ezurio has been in the embedded module design space all the way back to the earliest days of Bluetooth. This year, we appeared in many partner booths and displays showcasing our relationships with suppliers and distributors, including displays with NXP, Infineon, Silicon Labs, Nordic, Zephyr, and Memfault. Our partnerships allow us to leverage world-class hardware and software in our product designs, and this year we were able to showcase new products and demos that feature our embedded product line.

Among these were included:

  • Our SuperTuxCart demo at the NXP booth – Our Summit SOM 8M Plus Development Kit running open-source SuperTuxCart, as well as samples of our Summit SOM 8M Plus and our Nitrogen8M Mini SOM.
  • Our latest Infineon-based offerings at the Infineon booth – Our Sterling LWB+, LWB5+, and upcoming Sona IF573 Wi-Fi 6E module.
  • Our Lyra Series modules at the Silicon Labs booth – based on the Silicon Labs EFR32BG22 SoC, our Lyra Series was featured in Silicon Labs’ glass showcase.
  • Our BT610, BT510, and MG100 – product demos displayed in Zephyr’s showcase.
  • Our MG100 – Displayed in Memfault’s showcase.

#2: Our focus, and that of many customers, was on SOMs and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth solutions.

The last several years saw an absence of trade shows and in-person meetings. Embedded World 2023 by contrast saw lots of in-person engagement, and OEMs are thinking big about new designs, new products, and new solutions.

A big part of that momentum is in system-on-modules (SOMs) with wireless connectivity, as well as standalone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules to bring wireless to the next generation of new or updated designs. Our recent acquisition of Boundary Devices has dramatically expanded our SOM/SBC portfolio and expertise, introducing the Nitrogen line of i.MX-based system on modules and in-house manufacturing of customized SOMs. All of this is very much in line with the insights of Microsoft’s latest “IoT Signals” report, which suggests that 66% of surveyed companies planned to expand their use of IoT by the end of 2023.

#3: Sustainability and energy efficiency are the name of the game.

As issues of sustainability, green technology, and electrification become increasingly important to industries and governments around the world, Embedded World 2023 reflected the same focus. Among these were a panel discussion on sustainability in the IoT, a talk on low power consumption for carbon footprint reduction, and even on how to train AI models for helping meet sustainability targets in the industry.

At Ezurio, we share a focus on IoT and embedded products that can sip power for months or years on a single battery to reduce power usage while still providing high-quality technological solutions to real world problems. Even relatively high-power (power amplified) Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) modules represent a transformative change in Bluetooth in terms of the connectivity they provide vs. power consumption. And our line of Bluetooth LE modules, starting all the way back with our BL600 Series introduced a decade ago, are a critical part of our focus on energy conscious wireless offerings.

Our portfolio of Bluetooth LE modules like the BL653µ Series, as well as LPWAN IoT solutions like our RS1xx Series LoRaWAN Sensors are designed to provide reliable, robust wireless connectivity with lower power consumption. Wireless solutions like these are at the forefront of many industries, as providing more connectivity in more places (and ideally on battery power) will enable intelligence in applications that were previously out of reach.

Embedded World: See You in 2024!

This year’s Embedded World was an exciting return to the world’s largest showcase of embedded modules, products, and designs, with a focus on the future and on the next wave of embedded designs. Laird Connectivity is excited to be a part of Embedded World, and our latest range of modules, SOMs, and SBCs are among the solutions that are helping OEMs unlock sense, awareness, and control in fields like industrial and commercial IoT, healthcare, cold chain, and more.

Learn more about our embedded products, here or contact us to talk about your next embedded wireless project!