New to our Canvas Software Suite: The Lyra 24 Series!

Our Canvas Software Suite provides tools, templates, sample applications, and more for Canvas-enabled hardware offerings in our portfolio. The Lyra 24 Series is our latest offering.

Published on February 2, 2024

New to our Canvas Software Suite:  The Lyra 24 Series!

Expanding our Offerings: The Lyra 24 on Canvas

Our Lyra 24 Series, one of our latest Bluetooth offerings based on Silicon Labs’ EFR32BG24 SoC, is a top-line Bluetooth module designed for cutting-edge Bluetooth applications. The module features a powerful onboard ARM Cortex-M33 MCU, endless support for peripheral interfaces, extended industrial temperature from -40° to +105 °C, and advanced features such as AoA/AoD and Bluetooth LE mesh. It is one of our most advanced Bluetooth modules on offer to date. 

Now, the Lyra 24 Series is getting a significant feature upgrade by gaining support for our Canvas Software Suite. The Canvas Software Suite enables rapid embedded development across our MCU-based wireless products. Cross-chipset middleware, easy-to-use wireless APIs, on-module scripting and intuitive desktop/mobile tools are all available to dramatically ease embedded development.

The Canvas Software Suite gives developers a simpler, more powerful, MicroPython-based platform to develop applications for our MCU-based modules and deploy those applications across all our devices supported by Canvas. It provides an easy way to develop once in familiar Python and deploy to any of our Canvas-enabled modules. 

This means our already formidable Lyra 24 modules get the added advantage of tools designed to jump start your product development with python-based embedded scripts that replace countless lines of C code.  These tools provide easy to customize sample applications that help you build applications in days instead of months. Additionally, you’ll get desktop and mobile tools that allow you to develop directly on our evaluation kits, as well as configure and push Python script updates via BLE. 

Sample Application #1 – Temperature and Humidity Sensing

The first sample application available for the Lyra 24P Development kit is our temperature and humidity sensing demo. In conjunction with the MikroE Temp&Hum 4 click module, our Canvas sample application makes it a breeze to prototype temperature and humidity sensing applications. 

In moments, simply install Canvas firmware to the Lyra 24P development kit, load the sample application, and start gathering data from the sensors on the MikroE click module and transmitting wirelessly over BLE! The Canvas sample application handles communications directly with the sensors and data formatting. The application captures temperature and humidity data on the Lyra 24P DVK via an I2C interface, and all processing and communications are handled on the Lyra 24P module itself. 

As with all samples though, this is just the beginning. The Canvas Software Suite aims to bring these sample applications to multiple offerings in our product portfolio, cross-compatible with a common Python-based scripting language and with the embedded firmware and middleware to facilitate easy porting of applications across multiple hardware offerings. 

Let Canvas and the Lyra 24 Take Your Embedded Development to the Next Level

Canvas makes evaluating our product portfolio easier than ever with familiar Python-based language, familiar editors like VS Code, desktop and mobile applications, and over-the-air updates and device configuration. It’s the first ten steps of development solved right out of the box, so you can focus on your applications and leveraging wireless connectivity to grow your core business value. 

The Lyra 24 series is among the first of many products in our wireless portfolio that we’re integrating natively into Canvas. We’ll continue to add support for more products in the future and list them on our Canvas hardware support page. Others include the Sera NX040 DVK, the BL654 DVK, the BL654 USB adapter, the Sentrius™ BT510 sensor, and the Sentrius™ BT610 sensor. We’ll continue to roll out Canvas support to products in our portfolio where we can enable significant value to our customers, providing sample applications and tools to help bring products to market faster and more flexibly than ever. 

To learn more about the Canvas Software Suite, visit: 

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