Bigger is Better for our EMC Customers!

Published on July 3, 2014

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What’s new in the world of LSR? Our new test chamber, of course! You may have heard the news of its recent debut, but we invite you to learn more about exactly how this new chamber optimizes our testing capabilities at LSR. What are the benefits to our new 5-meter chamber?  In summary, it’s the application of technology that makes our new chamber cutting-edge in the field of compliance.

This state-of-the-art 5-meter semi-anechoic test chamber provides additional capabilities and capacity for LSR, which has been conducting EMC test services since 1996. The new chamber, which is listed with both the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and Industry Canada (IC), features an electrically isolated control room furnished with the latest technologies in test equipment, and designed to improve the compliance testing experience for the customer.

LSR 5 Meter Chamber
LSR's new state-of-the-art 5-meter semi-anechoic test chamber.


Adjacent to our shielded control room, we have a 10 by 10-foot electrically isolated auxiliary room. This auxiliary room allows ancillary equipment to remain connected to the product being tested in the chamber as part of a system, but removed from the chamber as an unintentional radiator that contributes unwanted interference to measurements.

Our chamber uses the latest in RF absorber technology from Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions (DMAS). It’s a combination of both the 45mm and 25 mm “hybrid” and “microwave” DMAS absorber material.  The hybrid absorbers are specifically engineered for optimization over ferrite tiles in semi-anechoic environments, and have performance capabilities through 40 GHz. The microwave absorbers have an operating frequency up to 100 GHz, and provide superior performance for high frequency anechoic measurements.

LSR 5 Meter Chamber RF Absorber
The latest RF absorber technology, a combination of both the 45mm and 25 mm “hybrid” and “microwave” DMAS absorber material.
LSR 5 Meter Chamber Turntable
Larger and higher weight capacity turn table, allowing up to 6,600 lbs, ultimately broadening testing capabilities.


Furthermore, we have purposefully designed the size of the chamber to be larger than typical 5-meter chambers, providing a 30% larger quiet zone for increased precision. Not only did this expanded size allow us to install a larger turn table, but it also allowed us to install a turn table with a higher weight capacity (6,600lbs!), ultimately broadening our testing capabilities.

As part of our efforts in delivering a great customer experience, we can now provide a web portal where customers can watch both an HD video feed and a correlating real-time display of the analyzer screen while testing is being performed. Further, our newly installed 114-inch projection screen inside the chamber allows for real-time analyzer feedback during troubleshooting.

LSR has numerous other updates in addition to our new chamber. Several of our market product family standards have increased frequency and immunity field requirements, which prompted us to pursue an updated radiated RF immunity test system.  With much greater capability for generating higher field strengths, and transmit capabilities to 6GHz, LSR finds itself strategically positioned for both existing and future test requirements!

Also, our entire lab operation has moved to our new 4000ft2 expansion space, and has been laid out strategically to easily allow for concurrent testing with modularity design in mind. Test systems are now modular, which allows us to move and use our labs freely to do any kind of testing we require.

That’s what’s new here at LSR! For more information on our new 5 Meter test chamber, contact us.