Getting To Know Our Open Development Devices

Laird Connectivity provides multiple IoT products that are customizable, configurable platforms for your unique applications. Here’s more on the meaning of “open development devices” and what’s offered for each.

Published on April 19, 2023

Getting To Know Our Open Development Devices

What is an Open Development Device?

Our line of open development devices are IoT hardware offerings that are hardware-complete, certified, and ready for production. Our BT510, BT610, MG100, and IG60 all serve as an open, customizable development platform for your specific IoT applications. Because they all support onboard RTOS and multiple interfaces, they are ideal for developing your own embedded IoT application. Learn more

To assist with this, we provide our updated and improved firmware on GitHub, which serves as a starting point for application development and is fully open source.

Here’s an overview on our open development devices, including their available sensors and features, development options, and firmware offerings.


The BT510 is our smallest Bluetooth sensor which utilizes Bluetooth 5, including long-range LE Coded PHY, to send proximity, accelerometer, and open/close data. It can provide years of sensor readings on a single coin-cell battery. Customers can utilize the Open source Zephyr RTOS to build their application using the Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) BT510 Zephyr board file and sample applications. Alternatively, customers can use legacy FreeRTOS binary application with supporting mobile apps. Note: No future firmware updates are planned for the BT510.

This requires Ezurio USB-SWD programming kit to program the device.


The BT610 is an IP67-rated Bluetooth 5 sensor that enables you to turn your wired sensor into a wireless sensor with multiple industrial sensing inputs available in the device. Use our Canvas platform firmware and sample applications as the basis for your application. This gives a head start on your development with preset sensors supported by the device (temperature sensor, ultrasound sensor, and pressure sensor).

You can also build your own application for your chosen sensor, ground up, using Zephyr RTOS board files provided by Laird Connectivity. The programming of the device requires our Ezurio USB-SWD programming kit and a 6 Pin Dupont Connector Male-to-Female header jumper wires cable.


The MG100 is our lightweight, compact form factor Bluetooth gateway solution which can be programmed to receive data from Bluetooth sensors and transmit via LTE-M/NB-IoT to the cloud. Based on Zephyr RTOS, this device provides similar development paths as the BT610. You can use the Canvas firmware on the device as a head start to configure the MG100 for your requirements or build your own application bottom up using the board files available in Zephyr.

Programming this devices requires the Ezurio USB-SWD programming kit and TC2030-CTX 6-pin Dupont TC2030 Plug-of-Nails™ cable.


The Sentrius IG60 is a multi-wireless IoT Gateway with Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi, LTE Cat1, Ethernet, USB and SD card. This unique device which is available for embedded Linux experts comes with our Ezurio Linux version which is a long-term supported, open platform to build your application with our Linux Buildroot platform, hardware root of trust and development tools.


The IoT is all about finding unique solutions to unique problems. Our line of open development devices provide all the flexibility and configurability needed to build a customized, hand-tailored platform for your unique needs. Via open-source firmware, Zephyr board files, or our sample applications, there are multiple routes for development that put you in complete control of your design.

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