New Updates Enhance Laird RM1xx and smartBASIC Radios

Published on March 6, 2017

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Laird recently released two updates that provide new features for the RM1xx and smartBASIC series of modules.

  1. New RM1xx Firmware

    With the latest RM1xx firmware (RM186: v18.17.1.0 / RM191: v17.17.1.0), customers now have the option of either Central OR Peripheral variants for their modules. The new firmware is available in the software download tab on the RM1xx product page. You can also download the Upgrading Firmware via JTAG application note for a step-by-step guide on how to download and upgrade firmware within Laird’s RM186 and RM191 LoRa modules using a J-Link Lite Debugger.

  2. MCU Flash Upgrade

    Laird now offers the ability to download new firmware from a host microcontroller that is physically connected to the UART pins of smartBASIC modules. Laird provides C++ source code that you may embed into your host microcontroller. This code acts like a black box so that a firmware upgrade is as simple as calling a single blocking function called UwFlashUpgradeFirmware();. The only requirement is that the host microcontroller has access to the firmware .uwf file (for example, from a serial flash, SDIO card, Wi-Fi or Ethernet link). Refer to the Upgrading Firmware from your Host Microcontroller application note for more information.

Visit the RM1xx and respective smartBASIC radio module product pages for complete product information, video demonstrations, links to all detailed technical documentation, and access to the software download center.

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