Now Available: Canvas Device Manager

Dramatically simplify the process of managing IoT device deployments.

Published on May 23, 2023

Now Available: Canvas Device Manager

Easily set up your IoT devices, monitor performance, and keep software up-to-date across your entire IoT device estate. 

We are pleased to announce that Canvas™ Device Manager, our platform for effectively configuring and managing our portfolio of IoT devices, is now available. Organizations using our Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) connected IoT devices in the field now have the option of leveraging Canvas Device Manager, which provides instant wireless access to the entire Bluetooth LE fleet of sensors through Bluetooth LE gateways. Canvas Device Manager, deployed in conjunction with EdgeIQ, simplifies the process of managing IoT devices at scale by providing a centralized platform for remote management capabilities as well as real-time monitoring and reporting on device status. Canvas brings extensive automation to the management of IoT device deployments by simplifying workflows for wireless/OTA configuration and maintenance. Organizations can easily set up devices, monitor connectivity, measure performance, and keep software up-to-date across their entire IoT device network.

Key features and benefits include: 

  • Fleet management of profiles, versions, and status of all connected devices
  • Zero-touch configuration and provisioning to quickly deploy complex wireless systems
  • Remote monitoring of wellness reports against supported Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) gateways and sensors
  • Software updates sent to a fleet of Ezurio IoT devices with any software or firmware at the edge
  • Ability to connect directly to deployed Bluetooth LE sensors through Bluetooth LE gateways, enabling unique OTA firmware updates and configuration for each device

Canvas Device Manager is already supported on many of our IoT device products, including the Sentrius ™ family’s MG100 gateway with LTE-M/NB-IoT & Bluetooth, BT610 I/O sensor with Bluetooth 5, and IG60-BL654 with Bluetooth 5 & optional LTE CAT-1. 

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