Our Revie Flex Series of Internal Cellular Antennas Just Got Better

Published on August 4, 2020

Our Revie Flex Series of Internal Cellular Antennas Just Got Better

Introducing the Revie Flex 600 and 700 – For wider frequency coverage and unmatched efficiency. 

Expanded Offerings for the Best in Internal Cellular 

For over a year now, our Revie Flex antenna has represented our expertise in internal cellular offerings. We’re now expanding that line of antennas with the new Revie Flex 600 and 700 additions which provide OEMs with a broader range of frequency coverage and more form factor options. These additions to the Revie Flex family mean more design flexibility for OEMs, allowing customers to simplify development of cellular and IoT products and bring those products to market much faster.  

The Revie Flex antennas offer a range of frequency support and are available at different sizes, allowing designers to select the perfect antenna for their application. Where greater frequency support is needed, the Revie Flex 600 provides full coverage from 600 to 6000 MHz. Where size and space is a concern, the Revie Flex 700 is available in our smallest form factor (96 x 20 mm) ever to offer 698 to 6000MHz. 

With these new parts, Ezurio extends our commitment to providing a wide range of customized, unique antenna offerings that help OEMs achieve the best connectivity for their unique needs. In this article, we’ll look at the Revie Flex Series’ key benefits, and how Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) expertise and integration support set your design up for success.  

Custom-Built to Address Carrier Demands 

The dynamics driving the IoT have resulted in increasingly strict demands from mobile network operators, and the Revie Flex is built with those demands in mind. As demand continues to grow for networks to support many, many IoT devices, it’s more important than ever to select a high-performance, high-efficiency antenna that can clear carrier requirements.  

The Revie Flex 600, in addition to supporting the widest range of cellular frequencies from 600 to 6000 MHz, also boasts the highest efficiency of the series. Across its supported frequency range, it has an efficiency from 62% to 84%, more than sufficient to meet carrier requirements.  

In devices where space is at a premium, the small form factor Revie Flex 700 manages to cover the 698 – 6000 MHz range with greater than 45% efficiency, all in a tiny 96 x 20 mm form factor. This means even at a small size, the Revie Flex 700 supports the vast majority of required frequencies at a relatively high efficiency rating.  

For internal 5G / NB-IoT / LTE-M / Cat-M applications, the Revie Flex series is a world class offering that puts control and design choice in the hands of OEMs.  

Best-in-Industry Integration and Design Support 

When designing for mobile devices with an embedded antenna, design considerations are extremely important. Antenna placement and layout are critical choices that, in a worst case scenario, can have a devastating impact on device performance. Proper integration requires a deep understanding of wireless performance and RF behavior, and Ezurio leverages our decades of wireless design experience to make integration easy for OEMs.  

“The additional support offered from the Ezurio applications and design team, including FCC/ISED/CE testing if required, can significantly quicken time to market, as well as differentiate product performance,” says Paul Fadlovich, Director of Product Management at Ezurio.  

That support includes layout, placement, and antenna tuning advice in the form of detailed application guides for each product. It also includes direct advice and lab testing with our experienced engineering team. Our engineers have decades of experience designing wireless products, testing to regulatory requirements, and spotting problems early before they require extensive retests and redesigns.  

Learn more about the Revie Flex family and associated products at https://www.lairdconnect.com/revie-flex-series-cellular-antennas. To connect with an FAE, open a support ticket at lairdconnect.com/contact

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