Smart Asset Tracking – All in One Box

Published on November 13, 2020

Smart Asset Tracking – All in One Box

The Challenge – In Many Industries, Efficient Operations Hinge on Placement and Timing

In any industry, doing business means getting things where they need to go – managing and monitoring temperatures of product as it moves through the manufacturing process, getting construction supplies and materials to job sites, or putting tools in the hands of the workers that need them. But doing that effectively means knowing where your critical assets are located and their status. Keeping tools on site, locating medical carts, and tracking product and its temperature as it moves through the manufacturing process key to keeping your business goals on track. When your work environments are busy, with lots of moving parts, a reliable automated asset-tracking solution is critical to putting tools and resources where they’re needed most. ​

Ezurio's (formerly Laird Connectivity) BT510 + IG60-BL654 Starter Kit, leveraging AWS services such as AWS IoT and Greengrass, has everything you need in one box to develop a robust proof-of-concept or to start designing your asset tracking/sensor solution. It contains three BT510 sensor tags and one IG60 gateway, which work together to communicate to the gateway. In addition to the tagging function, the BT510 is a self-contained Bluetooth 5 sensor that can measure temperature, motion detection as well as open/close door sensor via a magnetic reed switch. ​

The BT510 can communicate to the IG60-BL654 gateway, which leverages AWS Greengrass to gather, process, and communicate sensor data up to the AWS IoT via Ethernet Wi-Fi or LTE. The IG60-BL654 is purpose-built to run AWS Greengrass Containers, with many pre-written Lambdas that serve as easy-to-use, customizable code examples to jump-start your development. Place gateways in your work environment, affix sensors to your assets, and start gathering valuable insights with our out of box dashboards all which leverage AWS infrastructure.​

Why Start with a Kit? Leverage Our Development to Accelerate Your Design

Ezurio's packaged IoT devices are designed to save you time in development and decrease your time to market, with the help of worldwide regulatory approvals, demo software and sample apps, and easy configuration and software deployment. ​

  • Worldwide Regulatory Approvals​ - Design with us and deploy around the world. Our BT510 and IG60-BL654 are certified for FCC, IC, CE, MIC, RCM, and the Bluetooth SIG.​
  • Easy-to-Use Mobile Apps for Configuration​ - Easily setup, configure, provision, and more with our cross-platform Sentrius IG Connect application for iOS and Android.​
  • Rapid Setup with Our Out-of-the-Box Demo ​- Our demo application and test site have you up and running in minutes to start gathering sensor data and uploading it to AWS. ​
  • AWS Greengrass Ready​ - The IG60-BL654 is purpose-built to run Greengrass, no OS configuration required.  And our IGSDK provides many sample lambdas with steps to deploy. ​

Ezurio on AWS

The IG60 in the BT510 + IG60-BL654 IoT Starter Kit comes pre-loaded with AWS Greengrass. It makes it quick and easy to start building a smart asset tracking application that meets your needs. Some IoT gateways are too bulky and expensive, and some are too lightweight and underfeatured. The IG60 strikes an ideal balance, serving as a full system-in-a-box that intelligently processes and routes your IoT data to the cloud via AWS IoT Core, where AWS picks up the bulk of the processing work to manage your data, build insights, and help visualize the complexities of your location data.​

A Powerful, Flexible Environment for Your AWS IoT Applications​

The IG60-BL654 gives you the space and flexibility to design applications on AWS that meet your specific application’s needs. The IG60-BL654 supports AWS lambdas via Python and Node.js. And because of our compartmentalized cloud update service, your devices also enjoy hardware root-of-trust secured firmware and receive security updates in the field via our secure OTA update service. We keep your devices ahead of common vulnerabilities and secure from running unauthorized software. ​

Full-Service Support from a Trusted IoT Partner​

Ezurio is there every step of the way to help you bring your solution to life. Our IoT Starter Kits contain the sensors and gateways you need to design a smart tracking solution and pre-built software applications to bring a proof of concept online quickly and test those devices. In addition our ability to support your development from sensor to cloud, hardware or software integration, makes us the ideal partner with the services to accelerate your time to market​.

The Bottom Line: Saving Time, Development Spend, and Getting to Market with Ease

By starting development with our IoT starter kits like the BT510+IG60-BL654 Starter Kit, it’s easier than ever to develop a proof of concept in weeks, quickly gaining insight into your own business processes. That kind of nimble development means you can quickly see a return on investment, capturing data that yields better operational efficiencies and keeps your processes moving smoothly.

Ezurio's decades in wireless experience make us a trusted partner to our customers, helping them develop the leading wireless applications that help them compete in their industries and excel in their goals.

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