U-Boot 2014.07 release for i.MX6 boards

Published on September 22, 2014

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The U-Boot 2014.07 update release was our shortest-lived U-Boot release ever, since v2014.07 was quite easy to integrate and provides a significant new feature.

The official release from the main-line U-Boot repository had a lot of changes as shown in the Statistics page, but the one's that caught our attention most were the USB fixes and enhancements that allow the use of the USB Mass Storage Gadget as described in this post.

As always, we saved the previous production branch into a branch (production-before-20140922).

Download package

You can grab a package of binaries from the usual place:

If you extract the content to an SD card, you can upgrade on our standard 1GiB versions of Nitrogen6X or BD-SL-i.MX6 boards like so:

U-Boot > bootfile=u-boot.nitrogen6q ; run upgradeu

The full list of binary files for various boards and configurations is available here in our U-Boot on i.MX6 page.

Next steps

We will begin work on updates for the upcoming v2014.10 release very soon, as there are another set of features that we're very excited about:

Many thanks to all of those contributing to this project!