Visit us at The Things Conference 2020!

Published on January 10, 2020

Visit us at The Things Conference 2020!

In 2020, Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) will be making an appearance at many trade shows and events, bringing our experts around the world to help you accelerate your innovations. You can see a full list of those events at our events page. One of those which we're most excited about is our appearance at The Things Conference, this January 30-31.

The Things Conference is an event hosted by The Things Network in cooperation with industry leaders, bringing together over 2,000 leaders in IoT and centered around LoRaWAN development. It's the world's largest gathering dedicated to LoRa technology and a unique opportunity to visit with the biggest names in LoRaWAN for in-person demonstrations, lectures, and more. It is a great way to learn more about LoRaWAN, network with the key players in the space, and to boost your skillset and understanding.

If you’re considering technologies for an IoT project, LoRaWAN is a strong contender for many designs. LoRaWAN delivers outstanding bidirectional connectivity at an incredibly small power footprint. What this means is that LoRaWAN is well suited for many smart devices and sensor applications which communicate intermittently and operate on battery power. LoRaWAN devices can communicate as far as 5-7 km with direct line of site or 2-3 km in congested urban environments.

We'll be delivering a workshop, as well as a keynote address, which we hope you'll attend. In our workshop you’ll learn how to set up a real-world IoT application, sending sensor data up to the cloud. In our keynote, we’ll discuss the value of combining LoRaWAN with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as a way to enable new and innovative low-power IoT applications.

Workshop Details

Title: ‘Bridging BLE to LoRaWAN – extending your LPWAN network to include BLE sensors’

Abstract: In this 30 minute hands on technical workshop, participants will learn how to extract sensor data from remote BLE multi sensor devices and bridge that data over LoRaWAN through TTN. Participants will each receive a DVK-RM186 kit and learn how to develop applications for scanning and parsing BLE advert data and packaging up for relay over the LoRaWAN network provided by TTN at the event. The data will be visualized on the Cayenne platform. Additionally participants will see and use a variety of packaged LoRa and BLE multi sensor devices (temperature, humidity, shock, motion, contact) that integrate Laird wireless modules as part of the experience. All software and hardware will be provided but all participants are expected to bring a Windows / Linux laptop.

Keynote Details

Title:  LoRaWAN, mixed with BLE, is the perfect recipe for extending your Cold Chain applications

Abstract: The focus for this talk is a review of the success of LoRaWAN as a technology within Cold Chain for food safety and pharmaceutical monitoring. It explores the benefits of LoRaWAN in this space and highlights the reasons for its success, utilising first hand customer scenarios. Additionally it reviews the role of BLE in Cold Chain as an enabler of overall LoRaWAN solutions and demonstrates adjacent application areas, outside of the in- building environment, for this multi wireless technology recipe.

Presenter: Jonathan Kaye – Lard Connectivity – Senior Director, Product Management

Visit us at The Things Conference

Our experts will be on-site at the conference for face-to-face meetings, ready to help you enter the LoRaWAN ecosystem and begin developing exciting new applications. Please visit with us. If you'd like to schedule a meeting in advance, visit our event page for The Things Conference and register for an in-person meeting. We'll see you in Amsterdam!