Danfoss Power Electronics

Published on March 28, 2019

Danfoss Power Electronics

Danfoss Power Electronics designs and manufactures inverters and power conversion equipment for industrial applications that requir anywhere from 90kW to multi-mega watt solutions. They recently joined forces with us to perform a series of EMC Tests to qualify their latest Programmable Motor Drive Systems for the global market. These drives range from 90kW to 560kW.

“Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) had the expertise to provide support and consulting during the development stage of the test plan and they accommodated the highly compressed test scheduling needs for Danfoss. They were able to maximize the available calendar time and gain turn-around efficiencies by performing tests on our samples for continuous 16 hour sessions.

Ezurio has a team that is technically qualified, experienced, and very ‘tight’ as a group. They work well with each other. Their data handling and communication processes are second to none. I routinely had draft reports, ready for review on the same day the test was performed. This allowed for a very quick turnaround in generating the final reports to support our targeted completion dates.”

-Abtin Spantman, RF/EMC Engineer, Danfoss Power Electronics

The Technical Challenge

Qualifying the family of products required numerous configurations to be tested, along with multiple operating modes and various available options to fully evaluate the end-product offering. We were selected by Danfoss to test the latest Motor Drive System because of our capability, accreditations, reputation and experience in testing motor drives.

The Solution

For more than 20 years we have provided compliance expertise to industrial markets assisting in the investigation of appropriate test standards, test plan development, troubleshooting/failure analysis, documentation review, and testing for EMC, FCC, Industry Canada, European Union, Australia, Japan, South America and other international countries certifications. As an FCC listed and Industry Canada recognized test site and Conformity Assessment Notified Body for the EMC and R&TTE Directive, with an ISO 1025 Accredited Test Laboratory, We bring both the knowledge and toolsets required for a successful compliance testing engagement.

We offer:

  • Extensive Experience in Industrial Product Testing
  • 3m Semi-Anechoic Chamber
  • 10m OATS (Open Air Test Site)
  • EMC Emissions and Immunity Specific Test Equipment