Published on March 28, 2019


MetaWatch is a design and technology development company focused on reinventing the watch as a relevant mobile companion. Integrating trend-right fashion design with state-of-the-art technology, Meta Watch allows people to stay connected and stay in style while truly mobile and on the go. The company's founders, Bill Geiser and David Rosales, formerly led the Watch Technology Division for Fossil and have been developing smart & connected watches since 2002. MetaWatch is sold as a software development kit (SDK). It enables designers to quickly create 'wearable' applications or to extend the user experience of existing smart phone apps and web services to the wrist.The MetaWatch team chose us to help develop critical elements of the embedded firmware. And, we continue building on this long-standing partnership by providing customization services for Meta Watch clients.

"While there are many embedded systems houses from which to choose, very few bring the wealth of expertise and value that comes hand-in-hand with Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity). They are more than an outsourced supplier; they are our partner."

-Bill Geiser, CEO MetaWatch

The Technical Challenge

To support the hardware requirements for a low power, connectable wireless solution, the Texas Instruments MSP430 ultra low-power processor and CC2560 Bluetooth radio were selected. We are a TI Platinum Design Partner who provided the hardware design, Software, CAD, and custom antenna design. The software solution was implemented by us and leveraged the Stonestreet One Bluetopia™ Bluetooth stack."

The Solution

The finished watches consists of two functional solutions: the AU-1000 Analog Digital with dual 16x80 OLED displays and the AU-2000 Digital with a 96x96 reflective display. Both serve to help users manage the regular flow of time, date, email, weather, stock and social media messages by alerting and displaying the information simply on the watch unit.

The SDK has proven popular in the development community with designers already working on additional solutions using the open source platform. The message-based protocol over Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) has shown to encourage rapid custom development.

We have been developing solutions for the consumer market since 1980. From high volume wireless toys to home automation and security, we have worked with companies to develop low-cost reliable wireless solutions for their customers.

Whether RF4CE, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, other popular wireless protocols or even custom wireless protocol development, our experience in wireless ensures the most appropriate technology is selected for your application.

With a fully accredited compliance facility on site, we offer full turnkey wireless development with a focus on EMC certification. Our experienced hardware, firmware and custom antenna design engineers ensure that from start to finish, We provide you the right mix of expertise to bring your wireless concept to market.

We offers:

  • A clear understanding of deploying RF into the breadth of consumer applications
  • Extensive experience implementing low cost and robust products
  • A fully accredited in-house compliance lab for true turnkey development
  • Certified modules platforms and gateway products to enable quick time to market