Laird Collaborates with Amazon Web Services on IoT Analytics Service

Published on November 28, 2018

Laird Collaborates with Amazon Web Services on IoT Analytics Service

Laird (LRD: London), a global technology leader, is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to pair Laird’s simple-to-deploy Internet of Things (IoT) sensor solutions with AWS IoT Analytics, it was announced today.

AWS IoT Analytics is a fully-managed service that makes it easy to run sophisticated analytics on massive volumes of IoT data without having to worry about the cost and complexity typically required to build IoT analytics platforms. It also enables better and more accurate decisions for IoT applications and machine learning use cases.

Laird collaborated with AWS to combine the power of the cloud with the simplicity of Laird solutions like the Sentrius™ LoRa-enabled temperature and humidity sensors.

“By combining our wireless hardware with AWS IoT Analytics, our customers are not only able to quickly deploy cloud-connected sensor networks but also make sense of all of the data that flows back to them,” said Laird’s Senior Director of Product Management Jonathan Kaye. “This allows companies to deploy IoT networks quickly and avoid being overwhelmed by the enormous volume of data that comes from IoT deployments.”

Laird is presenting alongside AWS now through Friday in Jannover, Germany, at the Hannover Messe Show, one of the world’s preeminent technology conferences, to discuss this solution with attendees and other exhibitors.  

About Laird

Laird is focused on providing systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable mission critical connectivity through wireless applications and advanced antenna systems. Laird’s products are critical to all sectors of the electronics industry, including transportation, industrial, medical, telecommunications, computing, and the mobile device sectors. Laird employs nearly 9,700 employees at 48 locations, including 20 engineering and manufacturing facilities, 18 research and design centers, and 10 sales and administrative offices, in 19 countries worldwide.