Boundary Devices Launches Wiki Page

Published on February 25, 2017

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We've been providing news / tips & tricks via our blog for years. Although it is a great source of information, we have seen some customers get lost or have difficulty finding information. That is why we are glad to introduce Boundary Devices Wiki.

For the impatient

Wiki Boundary Devices Wiki

What's in the Wiki?

Well, for starters, it isn't a true Wiki since it isn't based on the "collaborative" template. The main reason is that it mostly points to articles previously written.

So it can be seen as a directory for all of our previous content. The goal is to have a single entry point for all customers to get information.

We therefore picked the most useful posts and discarded the one we thought outdated.

The following sections have been created:

  • Getting Started
    • When you receive your platform, this section should give you all the pointers to boot/flash/recover the device
  • U-Boot
    • Information about the U-Boot bootloader from building to flashing
  • Linux Kernel
    • Information about the Linux kernel from building to customization
  • Operating Systems
    • Here are supported OS and their latest releases
  • Application development
    • Where to learn how to write apps on each supported OS
  • Demos
    • Lists all the demos running on our platforms
  • Boundary Devices Platforms
    • Points to our available platforms
  • Blog
    • Points to our blog


Once again, this has been created to ease your life when looking for information about our platforms/releases.

It is very important to us that it makes sense to you, so please feel free to provide your feedback in the comment section below.

If there is something you don't find, it means we missed it or that a new blog post is in order.