Crank Software demo on i.MX7 Nitrogen7

Published on April 29, 2016

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This post intends to show how the Crank application framework is well suited to run on our i.MX7 Nitrogen7 board.


For the impatient

You can download a pre-built image from here:

As usual, you'll need to register on our site and agree to the EULA. The image is a SD card image that can be restored using zcat and dd under Linux.

~$ zcat 20160427-yocto-nitrogen7-crank-demo.sdcard.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=1M

For Windows users, please use Alex Page's USB Image Tool.

Demo details

This demonstration is based on the following:

This Launcher demonstration application is made to show the different type of UI that can be created depending on your needs:

launcher2 Crank Launcher Crank Home Automation Demo Crank Home Automation Demo Crank Medical Monitoring Demo Crank Medical Monitoring Demo Crank Washing Machine Demo Crank Washing Machine Demo

Crank Software details

Crank Software Inc. is an innovator in embedded graphical user interface (GUI) solutions. Their products and services enable R&D teams and UI Designers to quickly and collaboratively develop rich animated user interfaces for resource-constrained embedded.

The demo above relies on the Crank Storyboard Engine which is:

  • Multi-platform
    • Supported on Linux, Android, QNX, WindowsCE among others
  • Built for embedded
    • Storyboard Embedded Engine scales from low-end to high-end processors
  • 3D optimized
    • For higher end products embedding a GPU

As for the tools, the Storyboard Suite offers everything needed to design, debug and deploy your application.

Of course, all the details are provided on Crank Software's website:

Crank also offers many useful videos and webinars for developers to get started quickly:

Note that Crank Software is a NXP Proven Partner.