i.MX6 HDMI audio

Published on August 9, 2013

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In the past few weeks we've had a few customers report trouble with HDMI Audio.

After looking into it and talking with the Freescale developer about it, it looks like it boils down to the fact that audio on non-CEA modes is not officially supported. This is only a visible problem because we naively added non-CEA modes last year. This did make many more video modes available but audio for the new modes doesn't work.

To address the problem, we've patched both the android and non-android kernel branches to add a kernel command-line parameter only_cea to the mxc_hdmi module. When it's true we will only add CEA modes to the mode list. We'll update our boot scripts to set only_cea by default but with an environment override. You can see the commits here:

For more details on the subject see this thread.