How to Upgrade U-Boot

Published on August 13, 2019

  Please follow the following steps to upgrade u-boot on your board: 1- First download "6x_upgrade" and "upgrade.scr" from the following link: 2- (if you already have a u-boot file of your own that you want to upgrade to, please ignore this step) Then if you want to upgrade your u-boot to the latest version download the specific u-boot file for your board from the following link: (for example for nitrogen8m board, download "u-boot.nitrogen8m") If you are unsure about which version to use, U-Boot should be able to tell you by issuing the following command in its prompt: => printenv uboot_defconfig uboot_defconfig=nitrogen8m Do NOT flash a different U-Boot, if unsure, please contact us. 3- Copy "6x_upgrade", "upgrade.scr" and the u-boot file to the root of your storage media. (It can be a SD card, eMMC or USB drive) 4- Insert the storage media into your board. 5- Connect the board using the serial cable to your host pc, turn on the board and stop it in u-boot through console on your host pc. If unsure on how to connect the serial cable, please read this article: Getting Started Part 1: Serial Connection 6- Type the following command in U-Boot prompt: => run upgradeu 7- Wait till it finish and then restart the board. 8- Enjoy. As always, let us know your experiences (both good and bad).