i.MX6 images for branch r13.4-1

Published on April 7, 2013

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As mentioned in our prior post, we've updated our sources for Android on our i.MX6 boards to include Freescale's latest patches and our support for Dual and Single-core variants.

If you don't have access to the sources, or want an early look at the code in action, we've uploaded a couple of images to our cloud storage site:

r13.4.1-nitrogen-20130407.tar.gz94 MBLinux tar-ball
r13.4.1-nitrogen-20130407.img.gz640 MBBinary image for use with dd
These images will run on all of our standard i.MX6-based boards, including Nitrogen6X, Nitrogen6X-SOM, and BD-SL-i.MX6 (formerly SABRE Lite).

Tar-ball installation

To install via the tar-ball, you'll just need to extract the files and run device/boundary/mksdcard.sh:

~/$ mkdir r13.4-1 ~/$ cd r13.4-1 ~/r13.4-1$ sudo tar zxvf ~/Downloads/r13.4.1-nitrogen-20130407.tar.gz ~/r13.4-1$ sudo umount /media/* ~/r13.4-1$ sudo device/boundary/mksdcard.sh /dev/sdc ~/r13.4-1$ sync Note that you'll need to validate /dev/sdc for your system. If you have a built-in SD card reader, this may be /dev/mmcblk0 instead.

This image is a direct copy from the output of a source build, including the device/boundary/mksdcard.sh script and the build directory out/target/product/nitrogen6x/.

Installation of the binary image

Installation of the binary image is simpler, though considerably slower: ~/$ sudo umount /media/* ~/$ zcat ~/Downloads/r13.4.1-nitrogen-20130407.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdc ~/$ sync


Both images are configured for use on a 4GB SD card.

Each of these is a pristine image that hasn't been run on a device. Because of this, the first boot will be slow. If you haven't watched the boot progress of an Android image built from source with adb logcat, you might not realize that during the first boot, Android walks all of the Java code on the machine, running dexopt, and this takes a while.

Subsequent boots will be faster.