i.MX Linux kernel 4.1.15

Published on August 2, 2016

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We're glad to release a new i.MX Linux kernel 41.15 branch based on NXP 4.1.15-1.0.0_ga branch for all our platforms:

What's new?

This Linux kernel 4.1.15 contains the same features as the previous 3.14.52 kernel, the rest of the new features can be found on NXP Release Notes:

  • GPU driver upgraded to Vivante v5.0.11p8.3
    • Software floating point not supported
  • Updated drivers (connectivity + multimedia)

Most importantly, each kernel update implies that it takes advantage of the latest drivers, frameworks and security updates. You can see the different improvements of each Linux kernel version on the following website:

This release has gone under a lot of testing in order to make sure all our patches from 3.14.52-1.1.0_ga branch have been ported over successfully.

OS releases


The meta-fsl-arm-extra layer master and krogoth-next branches have already been updated:

Here are the updated Krogoth images with 4.1.15 kernel:


Here is the Xenial Ubuntu image leveraging the latest 4.1.15 kernel for all platforms:

You can find a lot more details about the Xenial release in the following blog post:


Our Nitrogen configurations have been updated on Buildroot since the 2016.08 release.

Here is an image of latest Buildroot v2016.11.1 with Gstreamer1.0 and Qt5.6.2 with the Cinematic demo:

Here is the defconfig used to build this image:

U-Boot / Bootscript

This release uses the same mechanism as the 3.14.28 which means that U-Boot is in charge of setting the display parameters in the device tree. So it requires to use U-Boot v2015.07 or higher. Please make sure to read our blog post about this release:

As a FYI, you can find all the latest U-Boot binaries at the following address:

As for the 6x_bootscript/6x_upgrade, both scripts have been updated to support new 6QP and 7D cpu values. You can find the files below if needed:

As always, let us know your experiences (both good and bad) when you test out this kernel.