Introducing the First MIPI Display Designed for i.MX8M

Published on June 20, 2018

Boundary Devices is excited to release the first commercially available MIPI Display designed for NXP's i.MX8M family of processors. 

 BD080MCC1 MIPI Display (back)

Product Resolution Brightness Interface Screen Size
BD080MCC1 1200x1920 400 cd/m² MIPI (4-Lane) 8-inch

The BD080MCC1 is an 8″ MIPI DSI Display with 1200×1920 resolution and integrated PCAP multi-touch.  The display was purpose built to take advantage of the i.MX8M's graphics processing power and it has been tested and validated using the Nitrogen8M SBC using a specially designed daughter board provided when you purchase the display and accessory kit.

Because of Boundary Device’s rigorous quality control, the BD080MCC1 display can be used as a development platform alongside the Nitrogen8M series of SBCs and SOMs as well as in production ready projects. If you need help integrating the display with your project, you can find free resources in our Blog or contact to inquire about our expert Display Integration services.

You can see the BD080MCC1 in action in an upcoming demo blog.


Below is a table of the BD080MCC1's full specifications:

Item Specification
Part Number BD080MCC1
LCD Size 8.0 inch
Resolution 1200 x 1920
Display Mode Normally Black
Pixel pitch 0. 0897 (W) X 0. 0897 (H) mm
Active area 107.64 (W) X 172.22 (H) mm
Module size 132.6 (W) X1 93.6 (H) X 3.6 (D) mm
Pixel arrangement RGB Vertical stripe
Interface MIPI(4-lane)
Backlight Power Consumption 1.4W 
Weight 73g
Brightness  400 cd/m²