Krogoth release of Yocto

Published on June 14, 2016

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Yocto 2.1 release, Krogoth, is now available.

For The Impatient

How to Burn

To burn the image file to a sdcard, run this command assuming your sdcard is mounted on /dev/sdc ~$ sudo umount /dev/sdc* ~$ zcat boundary-eval-image-nitrogen6x-krogoth.sdcard.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdc bs=1M

How to Replicate

To make the build process a bit easier, we’ve created our own boundary-bsp-platform that can be used to build images for our boards. This is mostly a clone of fsl-community-bsp-platform but we’ve added meta-browser and our own meta-boundary to the mix. There is also a Boundary-Devices-centric setup-environment script. Again, this is mostly a clone of fsl-community-bsp-base’s setup-environment script however we’ve added central download area and cache and some extras to the default local.conf. Firstly, you’ll need to create the download/cache folders and give r/w access. ~$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/freescale/yocto/imx ~$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/freescale/yocto/sstate-cache ~$ sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/freescale To build the image, you’ll need these packages installed as well as this repo tool that can be installed like this: ~$ sudo curl > /usr/bin/repo ~$ sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/repo Now create your build directory and initialize everything. ~$ mkdir ~/krogoth ~$ cd ~/krogoth ~/krogoth$ repo init -u -b krogoth ~/krogoth$ repo sync Now setup the environment for building. In this example I’m targeting the nitrogen6x, however nitrogen6x-lite and nitrogen6sx are also valid MACHINE targets here. Use whatever your platform is. ~/krogoth$ MACHINE=nitrogen6x . setup-environment boundary-eval-image Now bitbake boundary-eval-image ~/krogoth/boundary-eval-image$ bitbake boundary-eval-image Now after some time this should build the same image as above. The image file will deploy to ~/krogoth/boundary-eval-image/tmp/deploy/images/{MACHINE}/boundary-eval-image-{MACHINE}.sdcard.gz. Feel free to tweak and add things as you see fit.

Video Input Tests

If you have our ov5640-mipi camera, ov5642 camera, or our HDMI input daughterboard the image includes easy desktop icons to launch tests for the respective hardware.