Latest Ubuntu Oneiric release on i.MX6

Published on June 26, 2012

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Firefox running HTML5 video on i.MX6

In a previous post, we described how to get and run the then-latest build of Ubuntu from Linaro.

If you've worked with Freescale in recent years, you're probably aware that they've also been releasing Ubuntu images on a regular basis for their development boards. These come pre-loaded with accelerated graphics and/or video.

We've packaged their latest release for i.MX6 with a bootscript and our latest kernel and the result is really nice.


  • Accelerated video playback through GStreamer/Totem
  • Control over audio routing (HDMI/Headphone)
  • HTML5 video playback in Firefox

WiFi and Bluetooth on Nitrogen6X

We added support for the twl12xx WiFi+Bluetooth module in this image. If you're running on a Nitrogen6X with the WLAN option, the WiFi should just work.

Downloading and running

The image is available for download here. To use it, simply create a single ext3 partition on an SD card and copy the content of the tarball to the root. Or better yet, copy it to a SATA drive.

If you're running a Windows Desktop or Laptop, you can use this image with a tool created by Alex Page.