Linaro Precise ALIP on i.MX6

Published on December 6, 2012

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We've recently been testing the ALIP (ARM Linux Internet Platform) release from Linaro and just uploaded an image:

This platform has many of the things we love about Ubuntu without the bloat of the Unity package. Instead, it includes a simple LXDE Desktop manager, the Chromium browser, MPlayer and not much else.

This makes it quick to boot and relatively lightweight, at ~250 MB gzipped.

We added just a handful of things to the stock release:

  • OpenSSH Server - because we can't live without it, and
  • Changed the root password to "Boundary" to allow root login over SSH, and
  • Our latest kernel (including audio patches and modules in /lib/modules), and
  • Our 6x_bootscript for automagic detection of displays, and
  • The firmware for the TiWi module (/lib/modules/ti-connectivity), and
  • A small patch to /etc/init.d/x11-common. For some reason, the ownership of /dev/shm required root access, so Chromium refused to start.
Screen shot running Chromium and iwlist