Modifying a Linux Image

Published on June 12, 2013

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We've created a package that contains all the files you need to use our latest code with any existing linux image. You can download it here

Example Use

Let's use it on the latest linaro release as an example.

After downloading both files, extract ours to anywhere and the linaro image to your boot media. Note that the --strip=1 option removes the first directory from the untarred paths since they put everything in a "binary" directory. Then copy each file from our folder to the corresponding folder on the drive. Assuming your partition is mounted at /media/linaro the steps look like this:

$ mkdir ~/boundary $ cd boundary $ tar -zxvf ~/Downloads/imx6_kernel_2013-6-10.tar.gz $ cd /media/linaro $ sudo rm -rf ./* $ sudo tar -zxvf ~/Downloads/linaro-raring-alip-20130526-380.tar.gz --strip=1 $ sudo rm -rf lib/modprobe.d/ $ cd ~/boundary $ sudo cp boot/uImage /media/linaro/boot/ $ sudo cp -r lib/* /media/linaro/lib/

The U-Boot included is compiled for a standard 1 GiB Nitrogen6 or SABRE Lite. You should just use the U-Boot that came pre-installed on your board.