New Linux kernels for i.MX6

Published on September 2, 2012

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In our posts about the new Android R13.4-Beta and Linux 3.0.35-12.08-Beta, we mentioned that Linux kernel support for our peripherals and the Nitrogen6X were missing.

With two new branches in our Github repository, we've fixed that.

Because many of you are working with different kernel trees, we've attempted to organize the patches in this release:
  1. Patches to add support for our 7" touch screens, and
  2. Patches to Freescale code which apply to both Sabre Lite and Nitrogen6X, and
  3. Patches to support Nitrogen6X
We've also simply cleaned up the patch set. As of this writing, there are now a total of 33 patches for Android and 34 patches for the non-Android kernel.

As always, contact us if you have any trouble getting these up and running.

In the coming days, we'll produce full releases of Android and LTIB that incorporate these changes.