Nitrogen6_MAX with i.MX6 Quad PLUS Processor

Published on August 11, 2015

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Boundary Devices will soon be releasing a version of the Nitrogen6_MAX with the Quad Plus processor.    The Nitrogen6_MAX is a good fit for the Quad Plus Processor because it offers the full 4GB DDR3 memory as well as other high end features including eMMC and Dual LVDS.  

Here are the notable improvements from the standard i.MX6 Quad to the i.MX6 Quad PLUS:

  • Dramatic graphics performance with enhanced versions of 3D, 2D and composition GPUs and memory bandwidth utilization
  • Improve the system performance of i.MX 6 class systems by dramatically increasing the memory bandwidth utilization without significant impact to Software or Hardware designs
  • Improvement of the internal bus interconnect to more efficiently transport and order memory requests to the DDR controller. 
  • Significantly upgraded the capabilities of the graphic and display subsystems to generate more efficient memory requests, resulting in further bandwidth improvements. (interchangeable tiled buffer, pre-fetch / resolve modules, larger OCRAM)

This is a nice video put together at FTF by Freescale that shows the notable improvements:  Freescale Quad Plus at FTF

The i.MX6 Quad Plus processor will be officially released by Freescale in November 2015.  Boundary Devices will have Nitrogen6_MAX boards available with the Quad Plus in the same time frame.   

Please find below a link to a Buildroot image that works on both iMX6Q and iMXQP of the Nitrogen6_MAX:

 This image contains:
- Latest graphics libraries 5.0.11 p6.3-beta
- FSL-GPU-SDK v2.2
- Qt5.5
 Here are our measurements on a 720P HDMI display:
                        i.MX6Q         i.MX6QP
Fur demo         42fps           66fps
Fractal demo    20fps           30fps
8 layers            20fps           36fps
Blur demo        35fps           65fps
Tutorial7          407fps         670fps