Nitrogen8M Featuring Crank Software Demo

Published on July 27, 2018

With the recent wide release of our i.MX 8M based SBC, Nitrogen8M, we wanted to release another demonstration of the board running a different UI. In this demo post we will show off Nitrogen8M running a Crank Software Demo, which is one of the nicest UI frameworks available right now in the embedded market. 

For the Impatient

What better way to show a framework capabilities than with a video?

The one below features the Launcher Demo which allows to start different applications targeting specific markets:

  • 3D Cluster - Automotive
  • Movie Kiosk - Consumer
  • IoT House - Home automation

These applications fully leverage the capabilities of the new GC7000Lite GPU present in the i.MX8MQ.


Crank Software details

Crank Software Inc. is an innovator in embedded graphical user interface (GUI) solutions. Their products and services enable R&D teams and UI Designers to quickly and collaboratively develop rich animated user interfaces for resource-constrained embedded.

The demo above relies on the Crank Storyboard Engine which is:

  • Multi-platform
    • Supported on Linux, Android, QNX, WindowsCE among others
  • Built for embedded
    • Storyboard Embedded Engine scales from low-end to high-end processors
  • 3D optimized
    • For higher end products embedding a GPU

As for the tools, the Storyboard Suite offers everything needed to designdebug and deploy your application.

Of course, all the details are provided on Crank Software’s website:

Crank also offers many useful videos and webinars for developers to get started quickly:

Fell free to contact Crank to find out how you can enable stunning user interfaces on your products.

Note that Crank Software is a NXP Proven Partner.