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Published on June 16, 2012

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The team at Timesys put together a very nice package to showcase various hardware and software features of the i.MX6 in general and the Nitrogen6X in particular. We'll be showing this in our booth at FTF Americas in San Antonio next week.


  • Video playback (Accelerated, Unaccelerated) shows the value of the Video Processing Unit (VPU) on the i.MX6: 1080P video is running with < 10% CPU utilization.
  • A video overlay allows each of the Cortex A9 cores to be selectively enabled and disabled. This can be useful when trying to decide between single, dual and quad-core variants.
  • Camera preview window shows the utility of the G-Streamer plugin scheme.
  • A demo of the Storyboard Suite from Crank Software shows off their terrific user interface runtime and also highlights the OpenGL power of the i.MX6.
  • Vivante sample programs put the OpenGL implementation through its' paces
  • Qt/Webkit browser apps show off HTML5 support.

This is clearly not your father's embedded device.

Contact TimeSys to get your hands on this.